What a Weekend – part 2!!

Must admit, I came home from the show on Friday night, jumped into the shower and into my pj’s, then rested with my weary feet up on the stool, cup of tea in hand and hit bed early!! I’d forgotten how tiring it is at the show, and how out of practice I am!! Enjoyable, but hard on the feet!!

So after a sleep in on Saturday morning, I took The Golfer off to the club for his game, then Miss Helen kindly collected me for a stitching day at Miss Kaye’s. Helen had her delightful granddaughter Little Miss J who is so very nearly 5, as she will tell you!!

There was lots of show and tell at Kaye’s as Kaye and Lynette had been to Quilt Encounter, a yearly event hosted by The Quilters’ Guild of SA. Kaye is a great one for trying things outside her comfort zone, like creating a landscape with fabric….

20130731-162541.jpg….or trying a new technique like foundation piecing and machine appliqué….

20130731-162643.jpgas well as indulging her passion for hand appliqué…

20130731-162810.jpgMiss S had some fab new fabrics….

20130731-162904.jpgand a special Miss S design in mind which we’re looking forward to seeing as it progresses!!

Miss Helen is using one of my templates in her latest creation….

20130731-163056.jpgKaye is working on her Civil War Bride Quilt

20130731-163254.jpgAnd what could be in this gorgeous box??

20130731-163341.jpgYay!! Miss J has all her pieces appliquéd, ready to put together…and doesn’t it look fabulous?!

20130731-163446.jpgKaye’s daughter, Miss 16, has her first pair of pointe shoes for ballet….

20130731-163727.jpg…which she demonstrated for us, much to the delight of Little Miss J!!

Kaye has recently renovated, and when Little Miss J visited the bathroom, she was agog at the size of Kaye’s roll top bath….

20130731-163933.jpgand exclaimed to Helen, “gwanny, I would dwown in that bath!!!”

I love Kaye’s tin display in the bathroom….

20130731-164147.jpgMiss S had been quilting hard all day, and just before she left, I grabbed these photos of her wall hanging….

20130731-164348.jpg…and had great delight in spotting all the creatures she’s worked into it…

20130731-164637.jpgSo much fun catching up with these friends and their work!

Sunday, Jan and I drove up to Millrose for our monthly class. We’re getting near the end of the blocks, and though some are a little behind, they’re all looking good….








20130731-170301.jpgThere were some groovy new glasses to admire too…

20130731-170525.jpg..another delicious lunch to partake of….

20130731-170801.jpgand to top off what is always such an inspirational, relaxing, rewarding day, a full, brilliantly, vividly coloured rainbow, with the shadow of another over it!

20130731-171020.jpgExcuse the rain drops, it was taken through the windscreen of the car – I love you all dearly, but I wasn’t going out in the rain for a better picture!!

Oh, and I forgot to show you my purchases from my lovely day out with Glenda….

All in all, a wonderful weekend!!

Happy stitching
Meredithe x

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9 Responses to What a Weekend – part 2!!

  1. Jean says:

    Lovely post Meredithe. I am surprised you get so much done considering your jaunts to the most DIVINE places. Love the glasses just my colours. In fact I like all of your purchases except that tea thingy as I don’t partake in the stuff myself lol

  2. Helen F says:

    Crikey M – who do you fit it all in??? Remind me Saturday to tell you what else Miss J said about Kayes’ “Big Bath”!!

  3. My goodness – as I was reading through the post I was thinking “much mention that in my comment, must mention that, must mention that…” but by the time I got to the end I was so overwhelmed by all the gorgeousness that all I can say is WOW!!
    (really love all those woolly bits!!!!)

  4. Maree says:

    So many lovely things to look at . Fantastic work !

  5. What a fun filled post. So much to ooh and ahh over.
    Lovely tins of all kinds, and appliqué ooh lala!

  6. Glenda says:

    Oh so much loveliness!!!!
    I’m sooo ready to start sewing soon , I am not a patient winged patient!

  7. treadlemusic says:

    As was stated above…..overwhelmed is the word that hit me!! Girl, you are something else!! No wonder your poor little toes were exhausted….lol! And all that gorgeousness!!! WOW! Totally inspiring and the woolies are on my agenda, but not until the summer wanes a bit! Hugs…..

  8. thimbleanna says:

    I’ve had so much fun catching up on your posts for the two weeks that I’ve been gone. You always show such inspiring work! And Jan? Did I see mention of Jan? OUR Jan???? Would you please tell that woman to get back to her blog??? Or is she on Instagram???

  9. marian says:

    WOW to everything!! i LOVE your woolly applique blocks, they are sssooo YUMMY and i love your new specs too!! 🙂

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