Wonky Weather!

It’s been a very strange Winter; this time last week we were basking in a very balmy 23 degrees……in the middle of Winter???!!! Two days later, as I headed out at 1.30 in the afternoon to pick up The Golfer after he was rained out of play, it was a much more respectable 7 degrees! Today, while the sun is trying to shine, the wind is bitter and much more like Winter is supposed to be!

But nature is a little confused. I’m sure this blossom doesn’t usually come out this early on the plant across the street…

20130725-143846.jpgIt’s very pretty though!

Spent a little time with the Kettles earlier this week (thank you, they’re both very well – we were up that way for other reasons), and I have something special to show you in the near future. I did get some stitching done while we were there and I have the second of the four stars ready to appliqué onto my background….

20130725-144233.jpgBack soon!

Happy stitching

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6 Responses to Wonky Weather!

  1. Helen F says:

    Wow M – you are going great guns on your new project!!! – did you happen to stop by RIVERS on the way home?????

  2. broderie says:

    It’s beautiful japonica, one of my favourites ! A very pink post ! x

  3. plants respond to daylight hours rather than temperatures and, you know, I was outside at 5.30 yesterday arvo and, gosh, it was still daylight!! The japonica is always showy and beautiful, isn’t it, providing a lovely splash of gorgeousness.

  4. It’s raining steadily here!!
    Love the hexies!

  5. thimbleanna says:

    Such a pretty post! You’re hiking right along on those hexies — can’t wait to see them together and attached to their background!

  6. treadlemusic says:

    Those hexies are beautifully done! The flowers are gorgeous, also! This week we have gone from temps of the high 80’s F (with humidity to match) to a forecast for Saturday of low to mid 60’s F (and possible record lows tomorrow night!!!!). Those cooler temps are easier to take than the opposite!!!! Hugs…….

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