A (Guilty) Win

The postie rang the doorbell yesterday and he’d left one of those special parcels. No, not the squishy kind, but one with a non-Australian stamp…

20130716-151136.jpgFrom that stamp, I knew immediately where the parcel had originated, and it was with excitement, tinged with guilt, that I opened my parcel.

Why guilt, you ask? Well, Anne ran a give away a little while ago and asked what important date we’d forgotten. I confessed to booking our first European holiday eight years ago, realising only after paying for it, that we would be away for Ma Kettle’s 70th birthday!! (Ma Kettle did forgive us and I made a quilt for her before leaving, which we presented to her at a belated party!). And with this confession, I was one of the winners!

And look what Anne sent me!! One of her beautiful cards – the photo is one she took of a Sydney beach they visited on their Australian trip last year – and a little parcel….

20130716-151816.jpg…which contained two very cute sheepie stitch markers for my knitting….

20130716-151933.jpg….plus some A4 prints of Anne’s unique photos….

20130716-152037.jpg…such detail! Can you see the water droplets on the flower?

…this cute sheepie…..

20130716-152505.jpg…and proud Mr Heron!

20130716-152709.jpgplus, as it that wasn’t enough!, a pack of Anne’s beautiful note cards….

20130716-152830.jpgI feel I should share some of these spoils with Ma Kettle……anything, but the sheepies, Ma!!

Thank you so much for such a generous give away Anne! xx

Happy stitching

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3 Responses to A (Guilty) Win

  1. Suz says:

    Love some “Royal Mail”!! Where did she get those sheepie row markers from??? I need, NO, I WANT some!

  2. Helen F says:

    Oh M – arn’t you a lucky girl!!! Anne takes beautiful photos!!!! The sheepie markers are cute!

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Those ‘sheepie’ markers are awesome!!!! Anne’s photos are wonderful for sure! I think we all have done such deeds as forgetting important dates or transactions. I remember buying a soft-sider water bed (to replace the old huge water bed we had) because we were moving our bedroom to the second floor of our little/old farmhouse (we currently live in). Well, the renovation of said room took longer than anticipated, so the company stored the purchase until we called for it. 3 yrs. later, with the room finally completed, I mentioned to DH that it would be nice to have a replacement bed to move upstairs and his reply was: don’t you remember the bed we already purchased and are storing at the store?????? I had totally forgotten such!!!!! Ugh! Anyhow, it was delivered and used for many years. End of story. Hugs……….

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