Stitching Catchup

Apart from my indulgent weekend, I also had stitching either side – no wonder I’ve been feeling a little sewing overwhelmed!!

Friday saw sewing at my home, with just a couple of friends. Mrs Mac has a lovely new box…

20130716-134305.jpg..and brought along these beautifully embroidered singlets to show us. The embroidery was done by Mrs Mac’s Mum, for an about-to-be-born great grandchild (I’ve lost count of how many greats this will be!!)…

20130716-134558.jpgHow wonderful to be creating and doing such fine, delicate work at 81 years of age!

Monday I joined another small group at Linda’s for more relaxing, social stitching. Deb has made this quilt for a baby girl – the brief was “no pink”!!

20130716-140256.jpgI love the quilting done in the red, and the backing of gumboots is sooo cute!

20130716-140516.jpgDeb has also been commissioned to make this baby snuggle…

20130716-140600.jpg…into the back of which she’s quilted these birds….

20130716-140638.jpgClever, huh?!

Deb and Linda are also making these tiny, tiny blocks….

20130716-140737.jpg(sorry about the blurry photo) that’s my little finger you can see, just to give you some perspective! These are Linda’s….

20130716-140910.jpg..and these are Linda’s rejects….

20130716-140939.jpgYes, we asked the same question – rejects?! They’re sewing along with Temecula Quilt Co. Just click the link if you’d like to join in.

Happy stitching

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5 Responses to Stitching Catchup

  1. Helen F says:

    Arn’t those little singlets gorgeous!! – I remember doing the singlets 35 years ago!!!! What is it with the crazy quilters that like making “MICRO” blocks!!!!

  2. I would call the singlets vests …… but whatever they are called they are gorgeous! Love the baby quit and the snuggle – but those teeny tiny blocks are just too small fo me!!

  3. What a wonderfully talented bunch of people you hang out with!!

  4. treadlemusic says:

    That is one awesome post!!!! I love all those little projects (the little white baby tops w/ embroidery…sigh!). I am totally in love with the quilt…….WHAT IS THE PATTERN??? I could figure it out, but it’s so-o-o much simpler to have a pattern these days!!!! Those itty bitty baskets…..well, I’m not going there! Hats off to those gals, for sure!!! Great post!!! Hugs………

  5. Those are the sweetest singlets/vests ( undershirts) I have ever seen. I wish all baby clothes would go back to that time where it was hand done and just so simple but elegant.
    All the projects were very nice. I wish I was more of a precise piecer to make those baskets.
    Sounds like another wonderful time with friends. Thanks for sharing

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