Birdwood Progress

All my Birdwood blocks are finished….

20130711-180238.jpgYes, all 16 are sitting in a very satisfactory pile!!

And, even better, I found the perfect sashing in my Fabric Library. What do you think?

20130711-180357.jpgThe only problem is…..there ain’t enough! I only have about half what I need, so I’m on the scout! Hoping that Carol from Sewn and Quilted has some – I think that’s where I bought it!

Happy stitching

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7 Responses to Birdwood Progress

  1. I loooove your Birdwood. I hope you find more of your sashing fabric. Are your templates available in the UK?

  2. says:

    They are divine!!!
    If u haven’t enough how about using what u have for the verticals and an orange spot for the horizontals ??? A bit different??!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing all the blocks. Sorry that I can’t help with the fabric. Glenda’s idea is good – and could you add cornerstones as well to make the fabric go further?

  4. Helen F says:

    What a bummer you haven’t enough as it is perfect!!! I thought you were going to do a “ta dah” moment with it all sewn together. I have made 4 backings and sandwiched together 1 quilt today – 3 backings to go! – now I am all sewn out!!!! Also have some nice spotties & 1 stripe to add to my new Kaffe collection for show and tell!!!!!

  5. marian says:

    love seeing your blocks coming together. Shame about the fabric for the sashing but if i know you, you’ll work it out like you always do and it will look FABULOUS!! cheers…Marian

  6. thimbleanna says:

    They look fabulous Meredithe — I can’t wait to see them put together!

  7. Karen says:

    lost your e mail address but wanted to let you know I received the templates that I won from you – thanks – they will be put to use! Karen in AR

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