Saturday Stitching

Enjoyed a lovely day stitching with TheGroup on Saturday, and lots was happening on the creative front!

What could be in this big roll?

20130708-110221.jpgMiss E’s grandmother is having a clean out, and there’s just enough fabric on this roll for Miss Kaye to upholster a chair

20130708-110407.jpgIsn’t it beautiful? Miss E also had two bed spreads going free to a good home. I particularly like this one…

20130708-110532.jpg…which found its way into my basket…

20130708-110603.jpg…and onto our table as a tablecloth (with a plastic cover for protection!)…

20130708-110645.jpgVery happy with that!! Thank you Miss E!

Miss Helen is still under the influence of the Crochet Bug and during the week finished her latest treble rug

20130708-110824.jpgIt’s such a happy rug, with those vibrant colours (and just a few ends to sew in!)…

20130708-110925.jpgHelen then started another rug, different pattern this time….

20130708-111030.jpgOn the yarn front, Maree had a finished scarf to show…

20130708-111114.jpg…a new one underway…

20130708-111147.jpg…and a fab new dressmaking book….

20130708-111225.jpgMrs Mac is hedging her bets on the latest grandchild, due in about 4 weeks….could be a boy…

20130708-111341.jpgbut in case it’s a girl….

20130708-111413.jpgLouise had a great new project carry case…

20130708-164426.jpgand Miss L is progressing very well with her Mrs Billings, check this out…

Hope you had a great weekend too!

Happy stitching

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5 Responses to Saturday Stitching

  1. Sharyn says:

    I think it is wonderful when something old gets a new life, looks great on the table!

  2. Love the crochet and knitting. Your “new” tablecloth looks good! I’ve had a wonderful weekend of sewing!!

  3. Suz says:

    Love the pink scarf! And how wonderful that those Japanese sewing books are now being published in English! Yippee!

  4. Helen F says:

    Another fun day M – didn’t want it to end!!! how is the Paris Connection going????

  5. How clever! I would never have thought to use that bedspread on my table — you clever girl! Looks like you are all happily busy with fun projects!

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