In the Kettle’s Garden

Thought I might show you what’s happening in the Kettle’s garden.

20130703-165253.jpgYou can see we’ve been having some lovely weather – blue skies and mild days – so strange for mid-Winter!!

20130703-165357.jpgMind you, that’s changing as I write this; cold winds and low temperatures are in order for the next few days. That’s more like Winter!!

And the fruit cake? Well, it actually turned out really well!!

20130703-165439.jpg…full of fruit, moist and very delicious!!

20130703-165513.jpgVery, very pleased about that!! Another tick on the culinary list!

Happy stitching (or gardening!)

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8 Responses to In the Kettle’s Garden

  1. Recipe please. We are partial to Fruit Cakes in this house. 🙂

  2. Helen F says:

    The Kettles garden looks like spring!!! Nice fruit cake M – we expect one next time stitching is at your house!!!!

  3. that does look like a springtime garden; lovely. I agree it’s been a weird winter so far and you have to wonder if it’s suddenly going to get much, much worse.

  4. Janine says:

    Lovely to see the Kettles garden. Don’t mind a bit of fruit cake. It seems to go well with most of my

  5. That’s more colour than we have mid-summer! The cake looks delicious!!

  6. Carolyn says:

    Two of my favourite things, flowers and fruit cake. What a beautiful garden and the fruit cake does look delicious.

  7. Di From Brisbane says:

    That is a really beautiful garden. The cake looks delicious. I too would love the recipe if you are giving it away

  8. Sheila says:

    thats a pretty impressive show for a “winter “garden, You did well with the fruit cake

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