Cute to Boot!

It’s always a danger for me when I go to the Kettle’s……..there’s a Rivers outlet store nearby, and the car seems to find its way there unerringly!

Shoes are a weakness of mine, and at this time of year, boots are a fatal attraction! Worse still, I’ve seen the ads on the tv and, well……

20130703-163633.jpg…aren’t they cute?!…..

20130703-163708.jpg…and there’s a little bit of tartan on the insides….

20130703-163746.jpg…to add to the Winter cosiness!

Speaking of Winter cosiness, how about a class with the lovely Sarah Fielke?

20130703-164344.jpgSarah will be a guest tutor for The Colac Quilters on 31 July and 1 August. So if you fancy a trip down to the Western District for a great time with Sarah, contact Catriona on 0407 880 586.

20130703-164501.jpgHmmm, can I squeeze that in??!!

Happy stitching

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8 Responses to Cute to Boot!

  1. Glenda says:

    Loooove the boots I might need Togo shopping!!!!
    Love to do a class with Sarah , I love her book xxg

  2. broderie says:

    Boots are made for walking, last week I tried to buy some, after having every style in the shop out, I left with none because of my “shocking feet” !

  3. Love the boots!! And that’s a class I would have liked to do …….I think I shall have to emigrate!!

  4. Lovely boots. I would love to take a class with Sarah Fielke. I have all her books and they’re dog eared from looking at them.

  5. Cute boots indeed. It’s only knowing they wouldn’t have them in a size I could wear that prevents me from rushing out of the house to try to get some for myself Right Now!!

  6. Boots with cosy lining are the best at this time of year!! Good choices!

  7. Helen F says:

    I was wondering what you would come back with from THAT store!!! I especially think the green ones are YOU!!!! Nice to see you are thinking about doing another BIRD quilt!!!!

  8. Ann says:

    Ohhhh, might have to consider the trip to Colac, will talk with Kim on our return from holidays!!

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