Stitching and More….

Caught up with TheFriends last week.

Had a lovely time with Miss Glenda, who is winged at the moment and can’t join in the stitching fun, but before being winged, she was having a little tidy.

Using washi tape….

20130701-144310.jpg…to decorate jars for sorting and storing bits and bobs. Don’t they look great?!

20130701-144406.jpg (Miss Glenda is a big contender for the Miss Efficiency and Sorted Award!!). Glenda also found these drinks – which one do you think she bought for me?!


And spent a delightful day in front of Mrs Mac’s fire, chatting and stitching…..oh, no I wasn’t, I was crocheting. In one afternoon I crocheted up another two balls of the Lincraft Bamboo and finished my second cowl. A ripple one this time…

20130701-144819.jpgand that nice green cardi, I hear you asking? It’s what I bought on my weekend away at Alexandra. Want a better look?

20130701-144931.jpgI just love the scalloped edging!

Miss Helen has been crocheting too and in one week made 4 crocheted cowls!! One has been given away, one, in a most serendipitous manner, goes perfectly with her new coat

20130701-145104.jpgand there are two more!

20130701-145204.jpgHelen has caught the crochet bug quite badly, me thinks, ‘cos if that’s not enough, Helen’s started another crocheted rug!!

20130701-145357.jpgThere was some show and tell on the fabric front from Helen too. Yummy!!

20130701-145445.jpgMrs Mac’s granddaughter, little Miss M – who is really getting quite tall at 8, but she’ll always be our Little Miss M! – is learning to knit!! How exciting!!

20130701-145603.jpgA family friend is teaching her and we’re all so pleased with her progress!

Miss Helen was one of the winners in my recent give away, so we had the official presentation! (The others have been posted out)

20130701-145808.jpgI don’t usually put people’s faces in this blog, but Miss Helen was quite insistent – and very excited to have won something!

20130701-145930.jpgNot much sewing on this post, but it is Winter, and we do love yarn as well as fabrics!

Happy stitching (or knitting, or crocheting!!)

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8 Responses to Stitching and More….

  1. Karen says:

    those two teas look divine! looks like y’all are having fun!

  2. Helen F says:

    I bet you chose the “POMEGRANATE tea”!!!!! – That Glenda is an over achiever with her organisination skills!!! Have got the crochet bug really bad – finished that one – on to next!!! Still excited about winning my templates!!!! Hope you are having fun with the Kettles x

  3. Love Helen’s new fabrics
    Well done Helen on your win
    I have mine and loooking forward to using them
    Glenda — love your work !

  4. treadlemusic says:

    Congrats, Helen!!! That green cardigan is gorgeous and the cowl is so perfect with it!! Even if it IS summer here, I love it all and am spending hours quilting (never an ‘off’ season for that! Hehe!) Hugs…….

  5. Carole says:

    LOVE the green cardigan and your cowl just gorgeous they both look so warm and snuggly for the cold winter we are having this year.

  6. I love your cardigan – serious envy (but I will be posting about something later which will have you green with envy!) Lovely to see you and Miss Helen – I do miss you!!
    Perhaps Glenda could come over here and sort out my studio – at the moment there are piles of projects all over the floor – which is also covered in thread!!
    It was hard to decide, but possibly the pomegranate was for you??!!

  7. Glenda says:

    Love all the crochet cowls! They are so colourful.cant wait till I can get back into the handwork .Will be several weeks yet , but I’m reading and watching lots of recorded English dramas and crime shows.
    Loving seeing everyone’s creativity !

  8. thimbleanna says:

    Lots of yarny goodness going on there — and we get to see YOU too — Bonus! Looks like you had a fun day!

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