Weekend Sojourn

We’ve been away for the weekend, B and I…..I think I’m going to call B, TheGolfer – sounds better than just an initial, doesn’t it?! Let’s start again….

We’ve been away, TheGolfer and I, with our friends, TheOtherGolfer and CurlyGirl. CurlyGirl arranged the whole weekend, booking one of those Accommodation and Meals Value Weekends, at a place called Stonelea, and it’s just been delightful!

TheOtherGolfer and CurlyGirl had to work Friday, but as TheGolfer and I didn’t we could head off early. My day started with gym (very early!) and on the way home, I spotted four balloons placidly sailing across the clear, cold, early morning, Winter sky. Of course, by the time I went inside for the camera only two could be seen! But you get the idea!

20130624-203136.jpgIt was only 4 degrees on ground level; can you imagine how cold it would have been up there??!!

We hit the road mid morning travelling in clear skies with the temperature slowing climbing to 9 degrees, driving through the beautiful Yarra Valley, passing roads quaintly named Buggy Ride Drive and Flowerfield Lane and the like. It’s a very picturesque part of Victoria and I’m sorry I don’t have photos for you, but if you click this link, you’ll see some.

Over the Great Divide we went, only to descend on the other side, into thick fog and have the temperature rapidly drop to 2 degrees!! By the time we reached Yea for lunch, the temperature had soared to a whole 3 degrees and we shivered our way to the Provender Bakehouse to dine on delicious pies and a sausage roll, with steaming cups of coffee and hot chocolate. Back in the car, and a short while later we arrived at our destination, and were shown to our accommodation. The sun had come out and and it was a balmy(!) 6 degrees.

20130624-204837.jpgThis is our little cabin. Wine and homemade chocolates (mousse filled dark chocolate – scrumptious!); a comfy bed…

20130624-205141.jpg….the perfect place to sit and stitch, and a fire to keep us warm!

We chose to sit outside on the north facing verandah, basking in spectacular sunshine, with glorious views over the lake, ducks splashing around, and sun bathed hills in the distance. It was so quiet, just the occasional bird or duck breaking the silence. Bliss!!

20130624-205426.jpgOur friends arrived early evening and we all enjoyed an entertaining evening with succulent food, ambrosial wine and a blazing fire next to our table.

We awoke the next morning to this!

20130624-210045.jpgBy the time we headed out to the dining room for breakfast the sun was shining, but it was a very, v.e.r.y. chilly -4 degrees. Yep, you read that correctly MinUs Four! Frosty leaves…

20130624-210248.jpg…sunshine through trees….

20130624-210356.jpg..and this was the view from the dining room…

20130624-210434.jpgReplete, CurlyGirl and I headed into Alexandra, just a few kilometres up the road, and indulged in a little retail therapy (more of that another day!) and finished with a little more sustenance…

20130624-210711.jpgThe Golfers were to have played….well, golf, but TheOtherGolfer has a bung foot, so they had been reading and chatting by the lake in the sunshine, watching (or watched by!) the ducks

20130624-211000.jpgCurlyGirl and I were booked in for a massage each (part of the deal – how could I say no??!!). As I waited my turn, I was intrigued by these coloured bottles

20130624-211140.jpgand wondered how I could possibly get this fabulous piece of storage home and into my sewing room!

20130624-211235.jpgTotally relaxed, I did try to spend some time stitching

20130624-211319.jpgbut spent more time looking at the view

20130624-211422.jpgadmiring the fortitude of the ducks as they dived (brrrr!!) for food

20130624-214709.jpgand being entertained by the multitude of tiny Willy Wagtails Fairy Wrens (thank you Pa Kettle, Robyn and Felicity!) as they rapidly flitted in the grass and around our feet on the verandah ( I took soooo many photos of them, or should I say, tried to take photos of them, but they’re so quick! Ha! Gotcha!)

20130624-214917.jpgThe sun started to drop behind the hills, and with the lengthening shadows, a chill filled the air and the fire inside beckoned!

20130624-215012.jpgFor dinner, we made our way to the Commercial Hotel in Alexandra which has an amazing 40 different parmigiana varieties on offer!

-4 again the next morning produced pretty patterns on the car windows

20130624-215341.jpgAfter breakfast and a fond farewell to TheOtherGolfer and CurlyGirl, TheGolfer and I jumped in the car, heater full bore!, and meandered our way home

20130624-215548.jpgagain, through stunning scenery in the Goulburn Valley, (not bad for a photo taken through the windscreen!), then winding our way around the Black Spur, with its magnificently tall, stately Mountain Ash and the large drooping fronds of green tree ferns

20130624-215956.jpg(photo courtesy of Google – too windy for me!)

All too soon we were back in suburbia, the tranquility of our weekend a mere memory! It was lovely though!

Happy stitching

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17 Responses to Weekend Sojourn

  1. Quilter501 says:

    Fall bliss. Don’t you just stitch faster and feel more creative in the cooler weather?? I just want to wallow around and groan in the heat which is semi what we are experiencing in the states. However in the Pacific NW I must admit we have been wetter and cooler than usual. Awesome!!!! Keeps down the fire danger too. 🙂

  2. Quilter501 says:

    By the Way…..my golfing husband said -4 Celsius is still shorts weather around here! 🙂 Course golf nuts will golf even in the snow. 🙂

  3. As soon as I finished reading, I scrolled back to the top and handed the laptop over to Malcolm so that he coud read it……… we are now suffering severe weekend-away envy!! We had some heavy rain at the weekend, but we shouldn’t complain as the garden needed it.

  4. treadlemusic says:

    Oh my! Such a lovely place. The views….so peaceful! As the summer solstice is a part of history, we here still await some useable weather. It’s been warm (upper 80’s) and very humid with heavy rains that have given us mudslides, flooding and road closures. Anything but relaxing!!! With the quilt finish at the end of last week, I’m finding I’m not revving up the quilting engines too well,. Tonight is our local quilt group (small but great variety of quilt interests/approaches) so hope to put together a post tomorrow. Winter is definitely a better season for stitching!!!! Thank you for the dreamy post, Meredithe. Hugs……

  5. Carolyn says:

    Just lovely. It makes me feel homesick. What a beautiful place to stay.

  6. Janine says:

    Reminds me of the cold mornings we had at Mansfield. I loved it, having that crunch under your feet .Not so cold and frosty at the Hamptons.xx

  7. Helen F says:

    Gosh M haven’t driven past Stonlea for years!!! Don’t you just luv Alex??? Did you go to the nice clothes shop (would have had everything on special this time of year) and the collectable shop – both in the main street???

  8. Sue says:

    All I can say is……you are a very lucky girl! 🙂

  9. Rachel Boxshall says:

    Not sure if this post makes me feel home sick for winter or glad we dont have one! In Indonesia the rainy season has finally finished and the heat is here, time for the AC on all day again!
    My weekend away is a trip to Bali, they both have their positives!

  10. Carole says:

    What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend.

  11. Robyn says:

    Hi – sounds like a wonderful weekend away – despite the cold, north east Victoria’s frosty mornings are magical & you get gorgeous sunny days. The bird is actually a female fairy wren – they are divine, so tiny.

  12. Debra Masek says:

    A truly wonderful time!!! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Hilda says:

    What a wonderful break – and great photos! Thanks for sharing that one. It looks idyllic and you look very relaxed.

  14. I like the sound of the part-of-the-deal chocolates. That would win my vote every time! Gorgeous country, though. Thanks for sharing.

  15. PS: I also thought your little wagtail was a fairy wren, so it’s good for my sanity that someone else said so. 🙂

  16. kathie says:

    such a pretty area, nice to get away isn’t it?
    love the window pix, jack frost visiting we alway say!

  17. thimbleanna says:

    Ya know…I think there’s something wrong with my feedly! Somehow I missed this post — and you’re the third blog I’ve found with this problem. Grrrr.

    Anyway, I didn’t come here to whine. It sounds like you had a great getaway — even if it was cold!

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