Weekend Stitching

I’ve been lucky enough to spend three of the last four days stitching with friends. Very indulgent!!

There’s been delicious goodies to eat…


20130617-180411.jpgand lovely goodies to feast our eyes on…


20130617-180716.jpgAlways lots of fun!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for something special!

Happy stitching

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11 Responses to Weekend Stitching

  1. Suz says:

    Love those clamshells!

  2. Everything looks so good and I’m not just talking about the sweets! I love the diamond hexagons.

  3. Sheila says:

    lucky you , so much yumminess, and i include the sweet treats, some of my personal favourites, EPP , hexi stars and cherry ripe slice, heavenly

  4. Susan says:

    Oh dear, I just swore that the clamshell project I’m working would be my last……now that I have seen that quilt, maybe not.

  5. Karen says:

    I love seeing all the goodies that you show – both food and quilting 🙂 when my little group meets at the local church to do quilting on Friday I’m afraid we all just meet to sew – no one brings anything to eat! I would like to change that but everyone is always dieting it seems.

  6. thimbleanna says:

    Ooooh, look at all that eye candy! I have so many quilts I want to make — I. Need. More. Time. before I die LOL!

  7. treadlemusic says:

    What a beautifully wonderful Monday morning (or any, really!) post!! It positively added more sunshine to an already sunshine filled morning!!! The ‘treats’ are lookin’ scrumptious and the piecing is “to die for”….each and every one! Thank you so much for the motivation to charge in to the week!!!! LOL! Hugs…..

  8. Laura C says:

    Lovely photos–that clamshell quilt is amazing! You and your friends are fortunate to be around such talent.

  9. I love how you start with the edibles!! Love the clamshells (note to self, do not start a clamshell quilt until you have finished at least 6 UFOs!!!!!!!)

  10. Helen F says:

    What is the pink and green quilt? I have never seen that pattern before – I luv it!!!

  11. cloudcoucou says:

    Yum to all!! Love that clamshell quilt, would love to make one at some point, but it’s not going to happen any time soon!

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