Morning Magic and Thank You’s

Were any Melbournians awake early today and up and at ’em? No? Well for all of you here’s what you missed.

I set out for my walk this morning at 7.00 in pre-dawn light; we are heading towards the shortest day. As I rounded the corner of our street and headed east, the sky and clouds before me were tinged with colours of pink and orange, growing more intense with each second. Suddenly the very air was suffused with pink and momentarily the remaining brown leaves on the trees were turned a glowing rust. The more I walked, the more the colours faded until, an hour later, the sky was streaked with grey clouds and weak sun cast a very pale imitation of its Summer self over the ‘burbs.

Must say, it’s all sunny out there at the moment, but really cold! I didn’t take my jacket off at all during my ambulation, and yes, I did get those legs moving rapidly! I’m betting there’s a frost in the outer suburbs and Victorian countryside. Brrrrr……and loving it!

Thank you sooooooo much for all your wonderful comments over the last week or so. I’ve been slack in the reply department, but have enjoyed reading them all. You were so sweet about my cowl and new hat – thank you!!

I did very nearly choke on my breakfast cuppa a couple of times this morning reading your responses to yesterday’s query. Choke with laughter, that is!! There were so many great suggestions (and so many funny ones!!), I just need to decide which clever method to employ. Thank you so much for your help!

Bit photo shy, this post today, but I do have some pretty pictures of last week’s iris – two bunches for the price of one!…

20130608-092514.jpg…and this week’s ranunculus…

20130608-092617.jpg(Please note change to quilt on hanger, Miss Helen!)

Have a fab weekend!!

Happy stitching

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2 Responses to Morning Magic and Thank You’s

  1. OK, I won’t mention I am sitting in the sun In Stuart’s garden doing a little blog reading while the men do all the work!

  2. Helen F says:

    You are right M, as soon as I saw the Japanese quilt in the background I said to myself “I don’t believe it, she has finally CHANGED the quilt”!!!! Nice flowers by the way!

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