A Problem…Your Solution?

An email from Barbara Brackman last weekend giving us June’s block reminded me that I hadn’t made May’s Dixie Diary block. It got lost somewhere in the mists of mysteriously missing May – don’t you agree that May sped by at an extraordinary rate?!

So with two blocks to do, I thought I should get to it!


20130604-133109.jpgHappy with them…..so, here’s my dilemma.

During that bit of stitching, these two fabrics accidentally met and fell in love!

20130604-133226.jpgThey don’t want to get hitched yet, as they don’t know who else to invite along (easily solved), but more importantly, they don’t have a venue! They definitely don’t want to return to their respective homes while waiting for a decision, ’cause, being torn apart, they may lose each other and never get together again! However, they feel they are destined to be partnered, along with some, as yet unnamed friends, and want to stay close and remembered for their beautiful relationship!

So, what do you do with beloved fabric combinations you chance across…where do you put them, how do you label them while waiting for that……..something to come along?

All suggestions gratefully received!!

Have a great long weekend – for those of us having one – travel safely!

Happy stitching

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15 Responses to A Problem…Your Solution?

  1. treadlemusic says:

    I have a tote that I keep such pairings in. I either tie the pieces together (using saved selvages) or slip them in plastic bags. The tote is gone through periodically and re-evaluated after some time has passed. At that point, if I still like the pieces together, I will either pull from my stash or purchase enough to make a top. Not sure if that is too illuminating! Gives you 1 more tote in the sewing room!!!!!! Hugs, Doreen

  2. belindabetts says:

    I put them in little ziplock bags – sometimes with a note – and then put them on my desk.

  3. Sharyn says:

    This answer will be of no help to you, but I put them in a “safe place” and instantly forget all about them. After some time I remember that I want to use them and search fruitlessly for hours! They hide behind other lost items laughing at me, and then magically re appear when I have given up on that search and pop up unexpectedly when I am putting some other much loved item away. Cannot recommend this system as it is bad for the blood pressure and causes bad language to be spoken!!!

  4. Sandy B says:

    Lipton teabags packets come with the teabags lined up in little white cardboard trays. These trays are just perfect to tuck 3 or 4 fat qtrs side by side in (fold the fabric with the fold on show). I have several (well actually alot) on my sewing room shelves with wonderful combinations of colourful inspirations waiting for their turn. Not sure how big your pieces are Meredithe, they might be too big, but this works for me.
    BTW your fabrics are made for each other and I hope their relationship blossoms!! LOL

  5. Ann says:

    You have reminded me about the Dixie Diary blocks, I missed May too, will rectify that this long weekend. My quilt is done and dusted, now to do a big cleanup and catchup in sewing room and home. Have a wonderful weekend. Love your partnered fabrics, I also tie or pin them together and put them with my go to special fabrics.

  6. Treat yourself to a small , square ‘ office’ box for this job. I also have one to put my ( pre cut) bindings in so that the fabric isn’t used for something else.

  7. Carolyn says:

    At first I leave my fabrics out on my table so I can admire them. Then I decide that I need to finish some of my other UFOs first. So I find a plastic zip lock bag, or a recycled plastic bag that used to contain sheets or pillow cases, to put them in. Then I wait as long as I can before I start to use them.

  8. Kate Ives says:

    I love it when two fabrics are a marriage made in heaven as yours definitely are. I find it too hard trying to have piles of fabric put away because then I don’t use them elsewhere either. I photograph perfect couples and keep them in a folder on my computer for future reference. Look forward to seeing what becomes of your “couple”. Kate

  9. Sheila says:

    its a marriage made in heaven , I would head straight to the stash to see how many friends and relations they have to invite to the celebration. I would then pop them all together in a clear shoe box to “argue ” between themselves about the details of the union. Or take a tiny snip from each glued into a small notebook and take them with you next time you go on one of your jaunts to find their long lost cousins .

  10. thimbleanna says:

    It looks like you have lots of good suggestions for your dilemma. I can only add that you might try tucking them in your bra and walking around with them — maybe they’ll reproduce while they’re in there! ;-D

  11. Sue Whitburn says:

    A zip lock bag labelled ‘partners in crime, not to be seperated’!!!!

  12. I like Thimbleanna’s suggestion – if only she had made it years ago when I needed help in the cleavage department!!
    Have a great weekend – I’m off to see my (34 year-old) baby!!

  13. Not as fun as having a dedicated room or pretty box but you could create a photo album on your phone for fabric marriages. It may help when out and about perusing the fabric shops too.

  14. broderie says:

    I think I might know the ‘Sharyn’ who made the comment about her much loved items she puts away for using in the future !!! I say use it as soon as possible while you love the combination !

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