Colour Fix

Last week I purchased the latest copy of American Patchwork and Quilting. This is one of the quilting magazines I regularly get at the newsagent; apart from enjoying the quilts, there’s usually a tip or two to be picked up.

20130603-162105.jpgBut this time I was blown away by the article on Rediscovering Your Stash, with Weeks Ringle of Modern Quilt Studio.

The Editor of the magazine, Jennifer Keltner, took some “oh, my goodness, what was I thinking” and “leftover” fabrics along with quite a few other pieces from her stash, to a class with Weeks. The resulting article shows how Weeks pulled disparate fabrics from this bunch and, picture by picture, drew them together with other fabrics from Jennifer’s stash into a co-ordinated selection. There is a written explanation along with the photos, showing the step by step process of Weeks’ thinking.

For anyone with a colour inhibition, I highly recommend this article. For those of us with more colour confidence, it’s very enlightening, and one I know I’ll refer back to. I’ve recommended the magazine to my Class students, and just wish I lived near Weeks to do a class with her, and not be on the other side of the world!!

I really got a great buzz out of reading this article and seeing the magic Weeks wrought with Jennifer’s fabrics!

Go forth peeps and get thy selves a copy!!

Happy stitching

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4 Responses to Colour Fix

  1. treadlemusic says:

    Great post, Meredithe! I found that article very interesting, also! It is so very exciting to watch (in person) someone who has expertise/giftedness such as this. There is one who came to our guild to do a workshop that featured one of her paper piecing patterns. As we sat at tables that formed a huge horseshoe she walked from gal to gal arranging and rearranging their fabric choices (in piles in front of each) at an incredible pace. Her name was Kay Cross (, who, today, is a very published and very creative quilt artist. It was almost like a ballet of sorts. That AP&Q article reminded me of that day.

  2. Helen F says:

    I don’t think you have any disparate fabrics in your stash M – you only have your lovely retros, moderns, repos, japenese ……………..!!! but no disparate!!!!!

  3. I love Helen’s comment!! I shall have a look for the magazine ….. but I’ve just come back from Anne’s with a MAJOR new project!!

  4. audrey says:

    It was a good article wasn’t it? I thought it was very inspirational myself!

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