Saturday Stitching

Another delightful stitching day on Saturday. Wanna see?

First, Miss Helen kindly took a couple of photos of me in my new head gear for you (…with new cowl. I’ve had a couple of enquiries about my cowl, and will be doing a post on it in the next couple of days)

20130603-115251.jpgIt was bags, bags, and more bags too…

20130603-115333.jpgOne of our number is just back from a trip to Europe, and brought along her gorgeous spoils for show and tell. You should have heard the ooh’s and aah’s!!

20130603-115452.jpg…and some of the projects that were being worked on….

20130603-115527.jpg(including some thimble gifts all the way from Venice! Thank you Miss K.)

I received a special new tin (thank you Miss C!)…

20130603-115715.jpg..and Miss C had the cutest “frog friend”!…


20130603-115821.jpgI looked around the room at one stage during the afternoon, saw all the smiling faces, listened to all the chat and laughter, became aware of the smile on my own face broadening, and felt very blessed; once again I am so thankful for this wonderful group of women I am delighted to call my friends. Quilting brings together the best of people, doesn’t it?!

I’m about to put the washing machine on, so I’ll take the advice on my new tin, and fingers crossed we won’t have a flood!!

Happy stitching

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8 Responses to Saturday Stitching

  1. Helen F says:

    I luuuuv the full face photo of you smiling!!!! As that is how you are all the time!!! Yes it was another great day of stitching and catching up with girls!!!!!

  2. patchworkrose says:

    Love that new cowl Colours are just gorgeous. Will be watching your posts for details. Love all the treasures too. Sounds like a fantastic fabric fondle day. Cheers Lynne

  3. Phryne would approve of your hat …… I love it! Lots of gorgeousness – the thimbles are amazing. I haven’t done any knitting for months, but I think I might have to start again ……

  4. kathie says:

    very cute hat! love the quilt behind you btw.
    ok that tea tin is wonderful I have to look for that. great toiles…thimbles are just plain fun
    love the frog
    great pictures thanks for sharing

  5. I love the hat. There is nothing nicer than stitching with pals. Long may your stitching sessions carry on.

  6. You look so lovely! And I love your tin!!

  7. marian says:

    wow you whipped that up in no time.. looks really great on you M, and i’m lovin’ the hat too!! those stripey thimbles are super cute… and btw i’m on the hunt for one of those tea tins too lol!!

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