Fabric, Yarn and Serious Bag Envy!

Material Obsession have sent out the next posting of fabrics for Fabric Club….

20130601-110449.jpg…yummo!! especially the far left!

With Winter nearly here, well, I suppose it is here officially, being the 1st of June (how did it get to be the 1st of June already??!!), I’ve been heeding the Call Of The Yarn. Knitting needles have been clicking away and the result is a cowl; my first attempt at one and designed by yours truly too…

20130601-110831.jpgOh, those colours aren’t true; it’s a very overcast, rainy day here in Melbourne town. Let’s try it on with some lights. Oh My Goodness!! How hard is it to take a photo of yourself!! A photo of yourself and not get the giggles!!! Don’t laugh too hard at these, will you!

First as a long loop….

20130601-111100.jpg…then double wrapped…

20130601-111229.jpgI like the way you can see both the plain and purl stitching when it’s double wrapped. Very happy with that! (I’ll have to practise self portraits!)

I’ve been hooking too, experimenting with ripple again and using Lincraft’s Prism Bamboo

20130601-111449.jpgI’m onto the second ball already and as I only bought two, may have to go back for another couple as I’d like this to be a long one. (The cowl yarn was also from Lincraft, but I must have binned the label – sorry.)

An unnamed friend(!) has purchased


I’m in love!! Check it out. (The white spots are light reflections not a fault with the bag – it’s patent leather)…

20130601-111842.jpgpretty on the inside….

20130601-111929.jpg…and even gorgeous on the back…

20130601-112458.jpgSerious Bag Envy!

Have a great weekend.

Happy stitching

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12 Responses to Fabric, Yarn and Serious Bag Envy!

  1. treadlemusic says:

    Love that cowl!!! That is so perfect for someone who is always cold…..ME!!!!! The colors are awesome and that bag……well, as the phrase goes—–it’s “to die for!!!!!” ‘Nuff said;-) Hugs, Doreen

  2. Yeah, me too, love that cowl. Is that one of those “make a surprise scarf with this” yarns? It looks lovely, anyway, and warm as toast.

  3. Carolyn says:

    I Love the cowl, the colours are beautiful. The bag is gorgeous too. I think we all might have bag envy.

  4. I could have used your cowl while I was out this morning. Love the Obsession fabrics, they would go really well with my little pile of funky fabrics. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Glenda says:

    Love the cowl!! Fab to see a self portrait!! I think your friend should share her bag with u !!
    G xxx

  6. kathie says:

    my DD would love that cowl very pretty
    love the pictures 🙂

  7. Fiona Lazenby says:

    Love the cowl, the bag and your beautiful self portrait.

  8. Oh wow, those fabrics are so pretty! I love all of the projects too, all of the colours are amazing!

  9. Love your photo, and the cowl looks good. I like things like that, but most yarns make me itch! Serious bag envy from me too!!

  10. Rosslyn Gale says:

    I just love the cowl and have been making one in feather and fan stich, but just wondered how many stitches you put on the orange one . I have some scraps of wool and thought that they would look great made up into these
    Regards Ros

  11. Di O'Neill says:

    Loved your cowl. Like the previous comment I would love to know the size,yours sits and hangs beautifullly. Thanks for the self portrait, now I know who I’ reading about!

  12. Carole says:

    Hi, I also love the cowl, sits great, and easy to wear. Love the crochet one also. Carole

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