May’s “A is for Appliqué”

It’s been a funny week here at p and c. Wanna hear a story? Once upon a time…..

Perusing this week in my diary revealed lots of blank spaces and only 2 commitments for the whole week. Well!! I was going to have a ball with all this free time!! But as they say, the best laid plans…….!

Monday. A good place to start, I thought, was to get the housework done so it wouldn’t nag at me for the rest of the week, and as the first few days of the week promised fine, sunny days, washing as well. So, dishes done, two loads of washing out on the line, house cleaned, time for a shower. I waited for the shower to warm up……and I waited…..and I waited….. Realising there was no hot water, I brrrr’d my way through a wash, but couldn’t face putting my head under to wash my hair. So while I boiled the kettle, B went out to the hot water service to see if he could fix the problem. After a discussion with our friendly plumber, it was deemed a new hot water service was in order. Meanwhile I’m washing my hair in my nicely cleaned bathroom sink, splashing water over my nicely cleaned mirror, vanity and floor….aargh!!

20130530-171148.jpg(All this writing is boring – thought you might like a photo of our magpie!)

Roll onto Tuesday. I had planned a trip into the city, but, of course, needed to be home for the delivery of the hot water service and our friendly plumber to instal it. (B was off to golf….it’s Tuesday!!). Off to gym first thing, then home to wash some towels – they would be fine with a cold wash – while I ate brekky. Suddenly there’s a strange splashing noise. Yep, you guessed it, the washing machine water hadn’t turned off and the laundry floor was flooded!! Thankfully there’s a step down into the laundry, otherwise the whole house would have been in danger of water inundation! But in B’s haste to turn off the washing machine taps which are located under the trough, all my gym gear, which also lives under there was thrown onto the floor, the very wet, 2 inches of water wet floor! Double aargh!! Watching with eagle eyes on the water level, the rest of the cycle progressed ok, but our friendly plumber suggested a new washing machine is on the cards in the not too distant future! (And yes, all the very wet gym gear received a wash too!)

Anyway, life could be a lot worse! Our laundry floor is super clean!! The day at home on Tuesday forced me to face the fact that I hadn’t started my “A is for Appliqué” with Lucie for May. I’ve had trouble interpreting May’s theme, “Happiness Is”, into appliqué. Finally I bit the bullet and put pencil to paper.

20130530-172027.jpgNow despite what you may be thinking, happiness for me is not washing and ducks, but::

: Friendship – represented by the Friendship Star quilt
: Appliqué and Quilting – the other little quilt
: Family – the ducks (and they’re not snooty now they’re family!!)
And I’m a little partial to birds on fabric (as you may have guessed!!)

So, here’s my finished block…

20130530-172412.jpgand the quilts are little 3D quilts, minus the wadding and binding, and measuring 3″ finished!

20130530-172559.jpgYes Miss Helen, I did wonder at my sanity when the leaves for the appliqué blocks were not much bigger than my little finger nail!….

20130530-172729.jpg…but this project is all about the challenge……isn’t it Lucie??

I’ve just scraped it in for May. Now to tackle June’s theme, which is “Birds and Bees”. *Sigh*

Happy stitching

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9 Responses to May’s “A is for Appliqué”

  1. Helen F says:

    What a great start to the week M!!!!! Sounds like my house where I need new everything as well!!! Is this another bird quilt????

  2. treadlemusic says:

    Oh my! I shall not say a word about my week after reading your post!! The phrase “when it rains it pours” seems to come to mind (probably ‘cuz it’s storming outside…yet, again!). Your little quilt is so darling! Hugs, Doreen

  3. Janine says:

    Its always interest me that Gold is something that can never ever ever be missed.!!!! xx

  4. Janine says:

    Golf that is

  5. audrey says:

    Sorry about the beginning of your week. Ack! However, your little quilt is super sweet. Love the fabrics and colors you used. So bright and cheery!

  6. You amaze me. After all the water problems you had at the beginning of the week you pulled a fabulous Happiness is block out of your magic hat! I loooove it.. So I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your photo again.

  7. My Mum would have said “these things are sent to try us”!!
    Love yor happiness block. I made a start to the June block yesterday ….. ok, I drew a 12″ square and divided it into 3 sections!
    Have a good weekend xx

  8. Sorry to hear about your troubles! I just spent last night cleaning out 40+ years of my inlaws basement due to a flood. It is not a fun job. I love your applique, especially the ducks.

  9. Love your block! Well with all that water, there’d have to be ducks!

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