What a Treat!

On Friday I was invited, along with another 25 women, to an Antique Quilt Day hosted by Linda and Bev. Are you ready for visual overload?? Ok, here goes…….

We were asked to bring food to share and, as always, quilters are generous and creative in the food line as well…

20130527-155030.jpgSee those macarons? Yes, those ones. I’ll give you a close up…

20130527-155132.jpgThe ones in the middle I think are called Salt, Caramel Macarons, and were made by Sue-Anne, each one hand made, hand made taking 5 hours for the batch, and each one eaten, in rapture, in under a minute! The Best Macarons (yes, I had two!) I have Ever eaten. (Hmm, my mouth is watering with the memory!) Morning tea over, it was now a feast for the eyes.

First up, Sharon brought along her family heirloom, the Chester County Criswell Quilt…

20130527-160044.jpgIf you haven’t read/heard about this gorgeous quilt already, click on the link above and explore Sharon’s informative blog; she’s also creating patterns for each block if you want to join in the recreation of your own version. Here’s a few more photos to whet your appetite!

20130527-160403.jpgAfter this unique quilt was carefully packed away, Linda brought out some of her antique quilts…

20130527-160609.jpgthen more food in the shape of shared lunch….

20130527-160707.jpg…there were quiches and Bev’s famous meatballs too, but it was a bit crowded at that end of the table!

After lunch, more quilts…(such beautiful hand quilting!)

20130527-160823.jpg…including one from Maureen, who chose this quilt for her FIRST quilt!!

20130527-160923.jpgand on which she’s done a magnificent job. Maureen said she’d thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt, done as a BOM from Threadbear, and is now totally and utterly hooked! (That’s what we like to hear!!). Maureen’s next quilt is Phebe, and the middle is done…

20130527-161355.jpg….look at those sheep faces….

20130527-161435.jpg…very clever fussy cutting!! And it all came to our day in Maureen’s gorgeous bag…

20130527-161600.jpgDorothy brought this quilt…

20130527-161652.jpgand then more from other participants…

20130527-161742.jpgUtterly inspired, I went home to a delicious slow cooked dinner……except, in my hurry to leave in the morning I forgot to turn the slow cooker on!! But after all that food, home made pumpkin soup did me just fine, and B added a sandwich to his soup, so we were both happy!

I dreamt of appliqué blocks all night!!

Happy stitching

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20 Responses to What a Treat!

  1. Wow! What a feast, for both the tummy and the eyes.

  2. Susan says:

    What a delightful day….your group really knows how to indulge the senses.

  3. All that food was torture, as this is a diet day!! What fabulous quilts, and what a gorgeous bag!!

  4. Ann says:

    Sounds like another wonderful day at Linda’s. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Had a chuckle about the slow cooker. I’ve done exactly the same. Walked through the door expecting the beautiful smell of dinner cooked (to no smell at all). Oh well, I expect it was dinner for another night!!

  5. kathie says:

    wow amazing antique quilts and love that Bag from Di’s book, I hope we can order those!
    maureens quilts are amazing. Thanks for sharing your fun day with us and macaroons, what could be better?

  6. cloudcoucou says:

    What a great day! Both the food and quilts look amazing. I love macarons, my boyfriend tried making them once with an electric hand whisk….strangely they didn’t work out very well…it was his first and last attempt at baking!

  7. Karen says:

    what a feast to the eyes in both food and quilts!

  8. What a great post – so many wonderful quilts (and eats). I love seeing pics of Sharon’s Chester County Criswell quilt and it’s just amazing that Maureen’s first quilt is Di Ford’s Wedding Sampler.

  9. Sue Flego says:

    Wow lucky you to get an invite, and what a wonderful Show & Tell. Of course quilting days just wouldn’t be the same without delicious food! 🙂

  10. Sue says:

    Hi Meredithe I notice when I leave a comment my surname is included. Do you know what I have to do to not have my surname included. Cheers Sue http://www.susannasquilts.blogspot.com

  11. Ann says:

    Meredithe, as usual wonderful photographs and more temptations!!!!! I am in the midst of a quilting frenzy, so no temptations allowed at this moment in time!!!!

  12. treadlemusic says:

    The quilts are beyond amazing…..and so is the food!!!!!!!!

  13. Hilda says:

    Wonderful vintage quilts – and not so vintage too!! thanks for posting. Looks like a very good time was had by all. And you are all clearly superb caterers – what a feast!

  14. Becky says:

    You ladies really know how to have a good time! You are feasting as I’m going through a quilt famine now what with moving. I sure enjoyed sharing yours though! What a fabulous post! 🙂

  15. Helen F says:

    What a day!!! Sooo much food and sooo many quilts!!!! I bet Mrs Mac would luuuv a phebe bag!!

  16. It was really good sharing the day together and seeing all those beautiful quilts. I’m still dreaming of Bev’s meatballs!

  17. Miriam says:

    Wasn’t it a great day!!!! Lots of inspiration, friends and fun!

  18. Janet says:

    What a wonderful post, I loves seeing the antique quilts. I’m speechless at Maureens work, what a natural talent she must have.

  19. Nancy says:

    What an amazing group of women. Thanks for the great pictures.

  20. Taryn says:

    Wow! What a feast (in every way!) you had that day. Thanks so much for sharing with us. The food looks as good as the quilts. I sure would like a taste of those macarons! And a sandwich.

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