Semi Finished!

As promised, below you’ll find what I was stitching over the weekend. I had hoped to have both blocks finished, but life has intervened and…….well, I know you’ll understand.

Number 4 of the Birdwood blocks (thanks for the name, Miss Helen!), being made from my Dogwood template…

20130522-151633.jpgDon’t you love those snooty ducks?! After Monday, number 5 is nearly done – showing you that soon…..ish!

Saturday I played with my homework for the Sue Spargo class at Millrose….

20130522-151814.jpg‘Twill be finished – has to be finished – for this Sunday’s class!

I bought iris last week, and they have bloomed beautifully….

20130522-152013.jpgA delight to look at on a dreary day.

Happy stitching

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8 Responses to Semi Finished!

  1. Helen F says:

    You still haven’t changed your quilt on the family room wall!!!! what about the japanezy one for a change! lovely flowers. Hairy embroidery is looking good – shame about the fabric in your birdwood blocks!!!! Did you see that Anne has put the binding on her “bird quilt”!!!!

  2. Jenny C says:

    Just lovely cous. Can’t wait to see number 5!

  3. Beautiful Sue Spargo Woolly. Cool ducks too.

  4. Love the ducks, and your Sue Spargo is gorgeous! Beautiful iris – we now have lots of green in the garden, but very few flowers – I need to plant some more colourful things!

  5. Carolyn says:

    I love the name Birdwood blocks as my Nan used to live on Birdwood Avenue in Victoria. Such wonderful memories. The Sue Spargo block is great. Such texture.

  6. says:

    Love the wooly work!
    I haven’t finished my homework , life has been to busy!

  7. Karen Reid says:

    great block and so are the snooty ducks; Sue Spargo project is beautiful; looooove the iris

  8. Miss E says:

    love the Irises on a dreary day … how funny, I was trying to explain the words ‘dreary day’ to my Year 1 class today 🙂

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