Weekend Snippets

With the cold weather settling in, what could be nicer than a weekend of stitching with friends? Here’s a peek at what the friends were up to.

You can tell winter is here by all the knitting that’s taking place (and there’s another baby on the way!!)…

20130520-164253.jpgIt was “black boots” day – three of the four of us had black boots on! And there were Mothers’ Day gifts to look at too…

20130520-164358.jpgThen on Saturday, Glenda had show and tell from a class she’d done, making this cute little macaron case, just the right size for her thimble, and the spoils of a trip to l’uccello (I must get back there soon…..!)

20130520-164741.jpg..and a delicious lunch of home made pumpkin soup, appetisingly adorned with cream and fennel…

20130520-164841.jpgI’ll show you what I got up to stitching wise in a day or so (just need to finish something).

After a week of rain, the sun shone brightly yesterday, making it a perfect day for a walk on a golf course. No, I haven’t lost my mind! B has been managing the Ladies Pennant Team at his golf club and yesterday was the grand final, so I decided I’d go and show support. It was played at a very prestigious Melbourne club and, in a tight fought match (one game went to 19 holes and one to 20!!) his girls won!! Jubilation (and relief!) all ’round. So the team moves up a Division, and have a flag for the first time in 19 years! And to top it all off, none of the male teams made a final! Go Girls!!

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

Happy stitching

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3 Responses to Weekend Snippets

  1. I love Glenda’s thimble case and the goodies from l’uccello. The soup looks good too. Well done the Golfing Girls!!

  2. Helen F says:

    fancy trying to sew a zip that small on the thimble container!!!! cute though!! – “Girl Power!!!

  3. sue curtis says:

    Well done B ! Keep up the good work, you two !

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