Class Show and Tell

It’s real boots…

20130516-141610.jpg…and scarves weather today. And what a lovely array of scarves adorned my students….

20130516-141948.jpgPeggy finished, not one, but two of her blocks and is well underway with the third…

20130516-142239.jpgMary came highly organised…

20130516-142329.jpg…her appliqué pieces all bagged and labelled…

20130516-142409.jpgand set up her first block ready for blanket stitching…

20130516-142457.jpgAnd Mary had a beautiful tin, all the way from France. Can you believe this tin contained biscuits?! Far too nice for such mundane contents!…

20130516-142602.jpgSue 1 steamed ahead making 9 more 4-patches…

20130516-142654.jpgJill was hand quilting….

20130516-142801.jpgJosephine put on her borders and mitred them ready to hand stitch…

20130516-142911.jpgAnd Ally was piecing triangles for the next border of her quilt…

20130516-143015.jpgAfter class I visited the green grocer for our fruit and veg; I’m addicted to these luscious red rubies (all thanks to Miss Helen!), such delicious morsels that leap into my hand every time I pass the bowl…..scrumptious goodness!

Happy stitching

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3 Responses to Class Show and Tell

  1. Peggy’s piecing is so precise, and I love Mary’s applique. I like green grapes, and like you I have one (or two, or three) every time I pass the fruit bowl – I keep them in the fridge and just put out a few at a time so that they are deliciously cool to eat!

  2. Grapes are my favourite since starting my slimming diet. They’re like eating sweeties. I love Mary’s applique block. In fact all the projects look fab.

  3. audrey says:

    Always enjoy your show and tells. So much fun to see the varying works in progress.:)

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