When I was a little girl, I loved receiving letters in the post.

That special envelope addressed just to me! So many of the letters were addressed to the grown-ups; official looking, typefaced envelopes. I loved the hand written ones, with my name across the first line!

I remember reading the front, turning it over and seeing who had sent it, feeling a fillip of joy at recognising the sender, then opening the flap and reverently taking out the contents; a card, a letter, an invitation. (Remember those day??!!).

Savouring the words, admiring the cards, thinking of the person who’d sent it.

Birthdays were especially nice as there were lots of envelopes for me, but for the rest of the year, obviously, not as many. Ma Kettle always told me when I complained about the lack of “Meredithe mail”, that to receive a letter I needed to send a letter. Not something obvious to a youngster, but very true. But writing long hand takes time, and my brain was always faster at thinking of what I wanted to say than my hand could use a pen to scratch out the words on the paper. It was a revelation to learn to touch type; fingers on a keyboard keep a much better pace with my brain!

Writing a blog is a lot like sending out a letter, and your comments are much like return mail. I do try to reply to each comment within a few days of receiving, but last week’s comments went unresponded to (not good English, I know!). I spent a fair part of Tuesday morning catching up with my replies.

20130509-144159.jpgNote to self: Like good housekeeping (at which I’m also very poor!), it’s a good idea to keep on top of the replies or it can get out of hand!

I think I’ve replied to all of last week’s. But if I’ve missed replying to your comment, please forgive the oversight and know that I get great joy and pleasure from reading them all. It is like getting letters in the post addressed just to me!

Thank you for taking the time to comment – each and every one is appreciated.

20130509-145255.jpgI shall endeavour to practice better blog housekeeping skills in the future!

Happy stitching

All pictures courtesy of Google Images.

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7 Responses to Housekeeping

  1. Sheila says:

    I read quite a few blogs, some i just skim. I don’t always comment, sometimes there is nothing more to say than “beautiful”. When i do comment it is because something struck a chord, i never expect a reply but it is always nice to receive one. I have learned so much and am constantly inspired by the generosity of Bloggers , who share their lives and work with strangers.

  2. marian says:

    Must admit comments are always fun, arent they?? I certainly don’t expect a response when i leave comments on other blogs and i’m always pleasantly surprised if/when i do get a reply. Years ago when i began to blog i replied to all my comments, but nowadays not as often.. however, i always reply when someone takes the time to ask me a question.

  3. Pip says:

    I read quite a few blogs (not so much in recent times) I don’t always comment, it is always nice to receive a reply when I do. When I first started blogging it was considered good blog etiquette to reply to all comments and I have always tried to reply to comments (unless a no-reply commenter) even if it is just a quick thank you for reading my blog, but I know that sometimes life gets in the way and then it takes a while to get around to replying to comments. No-one pays us to blog so I don’t think we need to beat ourselves up if we are occasionally tardy at replying to comments 🙂

  4. Helen F says:

    Talk about putting pressure on yourself – how would you like to be Lucy having to reply to hundreds – I would go nuts!!!! I don’t expect an answer – I just luuuv reading them!!!!!

  5. treadlemusic says:

    Meredithe, Your thoughts are exactly mine! Comments, etc, are the “mail” of today. The blog community is the best!!!! But there are times when an answer isn’t possible…..’life’ happens and we all understand (notes to self, also!). Have an awesome day/weekend! Blessings, Doreen

  6. Carolyn Scriven says:

    I just love to read the blog and do not expect to receive a comment if on the odd occasions that I may decide to comment . I thank you for sharing your musings .

  7. says:

    It’s just wonderful hearIng others musings and commentS!
    I love your vignettes and feel like we are having a chat!!
    I don’t expect a reply !!
    I just enjoy seeing the world thru your eyes!

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