Saturday Bliss

With all the domestic happenings during this week, there hasn’t been a lot of needle happenings here at p and c, so it was with great delight and anticipation that I headed off to Somerset Patchwork for Saturday Bliss. (You do all know that I’m starting a campaign for the Macquarie and Oxford Dictionaries to enter “bliss” as the collective noun for stitchers, don’t you??!!)

There were quilts for show and tell: from Helen…

20130406-172531.jpg…this was the one she’d started the other day with my Dogwood template set…

20130406-172625.jpg…from Louise


20130406-172931.jpg…and from Andrea…

20130406-173000.jpg…I have some of these fabrics……somewhere!…

20130406-173036.jpgAs per usual, Miss Louise stepped out in fabulous shoes….

20130406-173121.jpg….but unfortunately it was too warm for her latest headwear, but she kindly let me model it for you…

20130406-173235.jpgOf course, I want one now!!

Miss E spoilt us with scones, home made jam and cream…

20130406-173911.jpg…absolutely scrumptious !!

We also perused crochet, great retro patterns, groovy drink bottles, and beautiful gifts…

20130406-174354.jpgAnd isn’t it amazing that we I so often choose favourite colours; my nails, watch band and crochet hook are reflected in two of the balls of wool for my Ripple!!…

20130406-174626.jpgIt was indeed a blissful day!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend too.

Happy stitching

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7 Responses to Saturday Bliss

  1. broderie says:

    You should definitely get one of those hats Meridithe, it suits you beautifully and it is also a lovely photo of you !

  2. broderie says:

    Oops ! Sorry, should be Meredithe !

  3. pinnewood says:

    Love the hat, what a great day you had.

  4. Ann says:

    Love the hat, it suite you. I am most envious, I cannot wear hats. Could you tell me where the directions are for the Granny square quilt. I can remember reading about it but cannot remember the blog you sent us too. Thank you.

  5. Carole says:

    Absolutely love the hat, looks great, Would love one like it, Carole

  6. treadlemusic says:

    Love, love, love Helen’s color choices (and the piecing, also!). What a yummy day!!! Thank you, Meredithe!!! Hugs, Doreen

  7. Maree says:

    It was a lovely day.That hat does look great on you, thank you

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