Autumnal Food

Autumn; and a woman’s thoughts turn to……comfort foods!

With the slow coming change of season, I’ve witnessed a shift of available fruit and vegetables at my green grocers over the last couple of weeks.

My favourite lunch time food is back…..Sweet Corn!…

20130404-170521.jpgpopped into a saucepan with water, brought to the boil and cooked for 7 long, mouthwatering, impatiently waited for minutes. Then placed on a plate with a little (let’s be honest here!) lashings of butter, and a goodly amount of salt and pepper…

20130404-170918.jpg…the only problem is having to wait for the corn to cool a little before devouring – I’m not fond of burnt mouth/tongue!

It’s also time to indulge in the more involved cookery, like lasagne…..

20130404-171112.jpg….the smell of which pervades the kitchen, again bringing on that mouth watering anticipation of deliciousness, watching the white sauce bubble and brown, knowing underneath it is a wonderful mix of meat, bacon, onion, tomato, mushrooms, herbs and spices, the flavours all mingling and bubbling away….


And with the cooler days and evenings, these victuals are the perfect warm-me-up!

Happy stitching (and cooking and eating!)

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10 Responses to Autumnal Food

  1. treadlemusic says:

    Well, considering the lunch/dinner I had earlier is still very much in my interior(!), That looks awesome and your descriptions are painful (hehe) as I sit here!!! YUM!!!!! Hugs, Doreen

  2. patchworkrose says:

    sounds just so nice but I would not fit in the front door in a short space of time! Wish my Metabolism rate could gallop :-))

  3. primal quilting says:

    Wow your lasagna looks amazing!

  4. I’ve just had breakfast, but now I want lasagne!! Have a good weekend x

  5. Fiona Lazenby says:

    Do you do home delivery ? Lasagne looks awesome.

  6. I just had a salad for my supper but a bit of that lasagne would have gone down nicely. I looks delicious.

  7. Helen F says:

    Was that a nice glass of white wine in the background of the lasagne??? Perfect !!!!!! Have you tried cooking you corn in the microwave ? – its faster!!!!!

  8. Robyn from the country says:

    Made your chicken and sweet corn soup recipe for lunch today after Church. Yum. I so enjoy soup weather!

  9. Pip says:

    Mmm, comfort food, I do enjoy a cob (or two) of sweet corn (with butter) but I don’t enjoy all the bits in my teeth afterwards 🙂 I haven’t made lasagne (or canneloni) in ages, they might be making an appearance soon, I need to make a few meals that I can pop in the freezer.

  10. Miss E says:

    The seasons must be turning: I have also made lasagne and 2 big pots of soup in the last week, and we had roast chook for dinner yesterday (yummy)… so more soup is coming once I’ve made stock from the chicken bones.
    I love filling up the slow cooker with meat and veg and letting it bubble away, or exploring different ways to cook pumpkin and sweet potato now that Autumn is here.
    … I’m making myself hungry now!

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