I do hope you’ve had a lovely Easter, ‘cos I’ve had a bloomin’ brilliant one! Lots of things I planned to do didn’t happen (doesn’t matter!), and there was lots of unexpected loveliness, starting with an impromptu sewing day Friday. No photos ‘cos…..well, it was impromptu so a certain someone didn’t think to take the camera!

As a result of discussions on Friday, three of us headed out on what turned out to be a road trip. You see Autumn seems to have arrived; our days are much cooler, mornings quite crisp in fact, and there’s been clouds and drizzle and rain. Of course, this means that some people are starting to get itchy wool fingers, so initially we were only going to visit Wondoflex as this was a new store to 2 of the 3 roadsters. Well, I should pause here and tell you about Wondoflex. What can I say!! I’ve never seen so much yarn,
so many colours and types of fibre,
such an array of needles and other knitting/crocheting accoutrements,
a fibre-isters paradise!

Glenda pur-chased this scrummy book…

20130402-122543.jpgwhich she’s very kindly let me borrow (hoping she forgets I have it!!), and I’m desirous of this…

20130402-122756.jpg…and this…

20130402-122831.jpg…and this…

20130402-122859.jpg…how gorgeous are these afghans??!!

My mission at Wondoflex was to scout out some yarn for a Ripple Rug, pattern courtesy of Lucy. I found

20130402-123210.jpg…and with Helen’s help yesterday, I’ve started Ripplin’….and loving it!!

After all that fun, we were in dire need of sustenance, and a cafe, appropriately called Thread, just up the street provided just that…

20130402-124038.jpgIt was then onto Darn Cheap Fabrics in Glenhuntly, again a new adventure for two of us, then a final stop at Amitie, and back to our respective homes where I did a little stitching, more of which later!

Sunday saw me cleaning up my sewing room – I know, yet again! This hadn’t been on the plan list, but as B’s team had won the football match the day before (a rare occurrence!), he understandably wanted to watch the replay (not having seen the live match, I should add). Not being a big footy fan, cleaning up my sewing mess room seemed like a wonderful alternative!

That done, having purchased these the day before…

20130402-125036.jpg(the one on the left from Amitie, and the one on the right from Darn Cheap – and it was too at only $4.00pm!), I decided to make a bag. Again, not an expected venture, but so much fun! I used the Cath Bag Pattern from Patchwork on Central Park and here’s how it turned out. Being reversible, it can be used this way for carrying shopping…

20130402-125511.jpg…and this way for carrying stitching!…

I also bought this from Darn Cheap (and again it was!) for another School House Tunic top.

Yesterday we were out at Helen’s for a delightful afternoon’s stitching, with fabulous food…

20130402-130039.jpgand lovely projects to see…


20130402-130238.jpgAnd I would like you ALL to Please Note that the hand holding this bird pattern belongs to Helen. Yes! Our Helen!

20130402-130412.jpgYou can imagine the ribbing she received, and is still to receive about this project!!

All in all, a fabulous time! What did you get up to?

Happy stitching

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12 Responses to Un-egg-spectedness

  1. Suz says:

    Don’t you love “Darn Cheap”! I am a frequent visitor to their Heidelberg store- (was there Saturday doing some shopping)! Looks like I’ll need to get to Glenhuntly too! Happy stitching!

  2. Anne says:

    I am crying with sheer unadulterated ENVY!!! I need to come over and do that road trip with you. Helen and BIRDS – has she been having aversion therapy!? Love the fabrics – especially the ones you used for the bags. As for the food – yum, yum, yum!! (this comment has far too many exclamation marks!) Off now to look at all the links you put in – which no doubt will lead to more envy!
    ps – Lucie has an applique challenge – check it out!

  3. Helen F says:

    I wanna road trip to “Darn Cheap”!!!!! I had a great arvo!!! Did you have to tell everybody about the birds (I am making for my grand daughter who can twist her grannies little finger to do anything)!!!

  4. Glendacust@gmail.com says:

    You will learn to love birds Helen!!!!
    Road trip coming up!

  5. Phew !!!
    I’m in envy & exhasted reading about your visits.

  6. thimbleanna says:

    It looks like Helen has turned the birdy corner LOL. Looks like you’ve had a fabulous weekend — nothing like a roadtrip to get things started!

  7. Karen says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend, can’t wait to see what Helen does with those birds!

  8. treadlemusic says:

    I’m drooling over your entire post!!!! Am in love with all!!!! We are (eventually) shifting into Spring here but I’m not near ready to quit the quilting obsession I’m on!! Just canNOT wait for all that white-ness to disappear!!!!! Hugs, Doreen

  9. Pip says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Easter (I was chained to my sewing machine for the duration) Autumn is the best time for road trips, the weather is just right for driving. The Ripple rug has been on my Want to Make list for some time, (it will probably stay there too) and you picked up some lovely fabrics and yarn, much envy here 🙂

  10. Ann says:

    What a wonderful way to spend the Easter break. Must put wondoflex on my list to visit. Look forward to seeing all your creations!!!

  11. Meran Taylor says:

    I really enjoy reading about your shopping trips, sewing and knitting. They are inspirational! Thankyou

  12. Maree says:

    So lovely to hear of your adventures and purchases. A bit of light relief , thank you again. x

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