Sunday Stitching

Had a brilliant day yesterday; Glenda, Jan and I headed up the highway to Millrose Cottage for a class with Liz.

And what would we be doing, you ask? Experimenting with wooly bits!! And under Liz’s guidance, completing this Sue Spargo project over the course of 2013…

20130225-163845.jpgOur kits for the first block we were tackling were beautifully prepared…


…there were a mountain of these to help with brain activity!…

20130225-164106.jpg…even the rubbish bags were decorative!…

20130225-164343.jpg…and a clever sign to aid students and shoppers alike (the aqua you can see in the background is our border wool….how gorgeous is that??!!)…

20130225-165022.jpgThere was plenty of eye candy from other students….

20130225-165150.jpg(Jacinta nearly lost this – there were a couple of bags it almost “fell” into!)

As well as the class book, I also picked up a copy of Sue Spargo’s new stitching book…

20130225-165216.jpg…which is clearly set out, with easily understood and instructive words and diagrams….

20130225-165352.jpgAt the end of the day, I’d achieved this much, having had a play with Pekinese stitch, and loving it!….

20130225-165854.jpg…a great start to this project, fabulous day, delightful new friends, and sooooo looking forward to next month!

Happy stitching

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8 Responses to Sunday Stitching

  1. Glenda cust says:

    What a wonderful day it was !! Can’t wait for next month!! I’m so enjoying embroidery again ! Especially with friends ! And what a gorgeous setting at mill rose xxg

  2. Anne says:

    I so want to be there with you – it looks fabulous!! And Cadbury’s chocolate and Fry’s Turkisg Delight ….. what more do you need for a perfect day out!

  3. Helen F says:

    I would enjoy the stitching side of things but not necessarily the hairy bits!!! you did a good job M!

  4. jlgwyn Gwyn says:

    That’s an adorable block you have started there! Gives me some ideas to try a few decorative stitches in my next project!

  5. Ann says:

    You will have so much fun, I have been part of 2 Sue Spargo BOM. Sue’s way of combining different stitches she uses for the embellishment of the pattern pieces is wonderful. Her stitch book is one of the best I have seen, I love it. The “chocolate tree” looks wonderful.

  6. Suz says:

    What a pretty blue! And the Sue Spargo book of stitches looks like a beauty! Have fun with it all!

  7. Irene Blanck says:

    Oooo – I envy you having such a lovely day sewing – and with the lovely Liz – and at Mill Rose – what more could you ask for? Beautiful photos and some snazzy embroidery!

  8. Carole says:

    Your first block looks stunning!

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