Flowers and Flowers

Enjoyed a lovely lunch with Cousin S yesterday, taking our time over a delicious meal, catching up on family gossip and news….and she gave me a lovely posy…

20130220-110210.jpg…with my favourite, gerbera, and such pretty colours in the other flowers!

After lunch we browsed through the nearby shops, venturing in and out as we pleased, looking through racks of clothes, admiring jewellery and, in the very tiny op shop, chancing upon a delightful teacup set that found its way into my heart…

20130220-110623.jpg…I love the shape of the cup…

20130220-110733.jpg…and how it sits so prettily in the deep sided saucer…

20130220-110822.jpg…which, on its own, as Cousin S suggested, could be used to serve sweet delicacies…

20130220-110927.jpg..and the roses on the plate…

20130220-111153.jpg….oops, bit of a photo overload I see, but I do think it’s the sweetest teacup set!!…

indulge me…just one more!…

20130220-111317.jpgA cool change came through yesterday morning, for which we are very grateful, bringing grey skies, but sadly no rain. Today the sun is shining again, but still deliciously cool, and all the while I’ve been typing this, a magpie had been serenading me……wonderful! I’d take a photo, but I’m sure if a move, he’ll fly away!

Happy stitching

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6 Responses to Flowers and Flowers

  1. Karen says:

    very pretty tea set! gorgeous

  2. Ann Ireland says:

    What a find, so gorgeous. Wouldn’t it make beautiful fabric!!!!

  3. Helen F says:

    Glad you had a lovely time with “Cousin S” – I luuuv you new cup and saucer will look lovely on the dresser!!!!

  4. Becky says:

    Sounds like a lovely day. The tea set is yummidy!

  5. Anne says:

    I’m suffering severe china envy!!

  6. sue curtis says:

    Loved spending time with you cousin, wish I’d seen the cup and saucer first… Nice 🙂 Cousin J was a bit sad she wasn’t with us. We will just have to do it again soon ! Xxx

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