Flying Solo

It’s been hot here. Day after day after day of hot… hot, and dry, that I spied a bee at the birdbath this morning when I was out watering. Of course, by the time I came back out with the camera, he’d gone. But I thought that a bee at the water’s edge was unusual!

Yesterday I decided to try something different, and with the air con working overtime, I can’t blame this aberration on the heat!!

For too long now I come up with ideas, or buy a fabric with intent, only to let them languish and, in some cases, become forgotten. Time to put a stop to this delinquent habit! I’ve also been reading the Bumble Beans blog and admire Victoria’s approach to quilt making. With all this in mind, I decided to take heart in hand, follow my instincts, step away from EQ5, and try a quilt on the run!

I gathered together the fabrics I thought I’d use with the 1950’s piece bought from Jennifer at the Dear Jane Exhibition a week ago, along with some that happened to jump out at me when I went to collect my tin….

20130218-131012.jpg…my tin, my pretty, pretty tin from Carol. (Thanks for ordering it in, Carol!) Here’s the new fabrics….

20130218-131200.jpg…and The Gathering…

20130218-131250.jpg…I tried to work quickly…

20130218-131351.jpg…tried not to over think things….

20130218-131452.jpg…if there wasn’t enough of one fabric, let there be two…or three!…

20130218-131604.jpg…and if I cut one strip at 5 inches instead of 6 (darn it!!!!!), just go with the flow and add something else….

20130218-131741.jpg…some narrow pieces are put together with a diagonal join – just ‘cos….and the centre fabric is brought out to the corners…


20130218-132318.jpgSo here it is, me, alone, no crutches, no pattern, no carefully thought out then printed out guide from EQ5, just going for it….

20130218-132447.jpgI had wanted a better photo than this, but it’s a tad windy outside (I can see the towels have wrapped themselves over the clothes line!); I’ll try for a better photo in the next couple of days.

All in all, I’m very happy with this quilt and it was so much fun!! Not all the fabrics made it into the quilt – not a bad thing; they were there if needed (and will doubtless be used for something else!). There is also quite a bit of the centre 1950’s fabric left over too, ready for something else. I see visions of hand quilting this over Winter in a perle thread….perhaps grey? or mustard?……. Throwing caution to the wind is something I think I’ll be trying again! It’s a very freeing experience, and all this was made in one afternoon!!

Have you tried this type of thing? How did it work for you?

Happy stitching

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15 Responses to Flying Solo

  1. helen f says:

    Hey m – how clever r u!!! Nice choice if fabrics from carols shop. I luv ur new quilt!! Cant wait to c it friday!!!

  2. audrey says:

    Your quilt is beautiful! Very charming! I too have tried this method and loved the experience. Very exhilarating.:)

  3. Anne says:

    First, I love the tin!! And I love your quilt – maybe all you needed was the ac to cool your brain down!! At the moment I am thinking about what to do with my two French General jelly rolls – maybe I will find inspration on Friday when I go to the spring quilt show in Edinburgh …..

  4. says:

    U are amazing !! A quilt in a day !! Love it!!!
    Inspiration +++++
    Perhaps if I put fabrics in my tin who knows what will come out!!! Probably Captain Nelson!!!

  5. Carolyn says:

    I love the quilt and the fabric. It looks fantastic. I looked at Jennifer’s fabric on her website. I think I will need to do some shopping. I hope the weather cools down soon and Victoria get’s some respite to control the bush fires.

  6. Sandy B says:

    What a lovely tin! MMmmmmmm. May I be so bold, as to suggest the quilting in Perle cotton would look great in the 2 darker colours (dark grey and a deep orangy red) of the centerpiece? I say this because it would pick up the colours in the DS FMF fabric and the red flowers in the 2nd last border and also pick up on that BEAUTIFUL dark grey border fabric. I’m sure u will do it justice whatever u choose. Well done u on a very productive afternoon.

  7. Kim Bastiani says:

    Oh wow!!!! Fantastic Meredithe – looks just great !!!

  8. Thimbleanna says:

    How fun! I love the colors you’ve chosen – they all look so perfect together!

  9. Ann Ireland says:

    How brave are you? Looks great! I love the colour combination. Did you know that Victoria is coming to Sydney? Wouldn’t she be inspiring to listen to. Maybe then all our stashes would become beautiful quilts.

  10. Susan says:

    Lovely to lose yourself in fabric for the afternoon……..and a great result.

  11. Maree says:

    well done, looks very nice indeed, fabulous combination of colours and prints.That air conditioner has paid for it self in motivation and what can be achieved with a cool mind. Do you think B will believe me !

  12. jennifer says:

    Love it! It’s like a vintage house top strippy.

  13. Miss E says:

    Beautiful work, as ever! I plan, sketch, colour in (pencil and paper) but also enjoy the freedom of creating and adapting, seeing where the quilt wants to go… There is definitely a place for both.

  14. cjhaab says:

    Great quilt top, I love the colors – tangerine and lemon. Sweet and fresh. I have enjoyed making some medallion quilts lately. It sure is fun starting from the middle and watching how the quilt tells you what to do next. I like your freewheeling fabric choices. That vintage center is fabulous!

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