Cool Sewing

Tuesday was a warm day, well the whole week has been over 30 degrees, so with lightness of heart, joy of spirit, and gladness in creativity, I put the air conditioner on and sewed to my heart’s content!! Oh bliss! Oh joy!

Wanna see? First I finished up my Abundance top using Lori’s fab tutorial…

20130207-150249.jpg…chose my backing (the wavy stripe) and binding (cream tone on tone), and cotton wadding…

20130207-150416.jpg…and it’s all basted and ready to go! Except that I had an altercation with a knife, came off second best – as you do! – and won’t be hand quilting for a while ‘cos it was my under hand finger. Healing nicely, but it will be a little while before it’s in use!

I also made the next block from Barbara Brackman’s Dixie Diary….

20130207-150932.jpg…and row three of DS Tumblers is nearly done!

Have a lovely weekend.

Happy stitching

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12 Responses to Cool Sewing

  1. thimbleanna says:

    Your little Abundance quilt is very sweet. and that little blue print in the corners and middle is one of my favorite fabric prints ever!

  2. Pip says:

    You’ve been busy (again), we had a couple of hot days too, nothing better than staying inside stitching. I’ve been seeing the Abundance quiltlet around a few blogs now, your version is very nice. Are you going to be doing the applique on your Dixie Diary blocks or leaving them plain (I much prefer the plain version)

  3. Ann says:

    I do like seeing your choice of colours in your Abundance top. I have also stitched the 2nd Dixie Diary block, I have appliqued the mine with the heart, simply because my sister is using the star. I hope your cut finger heals quickly.

  4. Anne says:

    When I was little, my Granny used to recite a poem about hurting your finger – I shall have to try to remember the words for you!! You certainly got lots done – isn’t it a good feeling to see projects taking shape – and even better being finished!
    Have a good weekend xx

  5. Susan says:

    Very nice work. Shame about your finger… housework until it’s well and truly healed ok!

  6. Miriam says:

    Great Abundance quilt!

    Hope your finger heals quickly.

  7. Lori D says:

    Sorry about yoru injury! ouch!! Love your sweet quilt and the backign is fantastic! Be sure to add your link to my blog so everyone can enjoy your adorable quilt. Let me know if you need help.

  8. marian says:

    Oh no M..ouch!!! i LOVE your sweet litte ‘Abundance’ quilt and oh that yummy backing fabric is delish!!

  9. Janet O. says:

    Sorry about your hurt finger.
    Love your main blue fabric–and the splashes of yellow. Very pretty!

  10. cjhaab says:

    Love your Abundance quilt and looking forward to seeing it finished up. Great choice for the back!

  11. Pat says:

    I love your Abundance quilt! It is so fun to see all the variations depending on fabrics and color placement within the block. This was my first quiltalong with Lori but definitely not the last!

  12. Sue SA says:

    Hope your hand heals quickly! Love that backing you picked for Abundance, so gorgous.

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