Midnight Madness – Part 1

Yesterday Karen hosted another Midday to Midnight sewing fest at Somerset Patchwork, and I was a lucky participant! But, oh! What to take to stitch for 12 hours? (Or, what not to take!!). Eventually all was decided. One bag with Aunty Green’s appliqué and – wait for it! – a new hand piecing project (you knew that was coming, didn’t you!)…

20130203-123957.jpg…and for the end of the night, when something soothing might be required, Strawberry Fields to hand quilt (two List projects!!)…

20130203-124129.jpg…and, of course, some sustenance, as no one can survive without “eat or drink” for 12 hours – particularly quilters!…

20130203-124306.jpg…and don’t forget the camera! Safely done! With bags lined up at the front door…

20130203-124413.jpg…it was time to get myself ready and head on out.

After meeting up with some friends and settling into our spots, we headed out to get some lunch, and the obligatory stop at the local Op Shop where Glenda spotted this darling sewing box…

20130203-131452.jpg…in need of a little tlc, but nothing that can’t be achieved…

20130203-131717.jpgAbout 17 quilters joined in the day, the majority staying the distance, and once again there were friends old and new, lots of chat and laughter, diligent needles plying fabric with thread, quilts nearing completion…


20130203-131857.jpg…decisions to be made…

20130203-131940.jpg…projects starting….

20130203-132237.jpg…machine piecing…

20130203-132328.jpg…machine appliqué…

20130203-132457.jpg…hand appliqué…

20130203-132538.jpg…and by 11.30pm, a little weariness led to an oops, which caused exhausted laughter all round!…

The day seemed to speed by, yet again, but much was achieved. There are lots more photos, but for now…YAWN!…oh, please excuse me!….I’m going to have lunch and a little r and r in front of the tv…..

See you tomorrow!

Happy stitching

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9 Responses to Midnight Madness – Part 1

  1. Karen says:

    12 hours! wow you girls go crazy – what wonderful quilts you show! I love them all and enjoy your blog so much

  2. Susan says:

    That sounds like fun not madness. Lots of quilty inspiration too. Looking forward to seeing what your new project is.

  3. amsherwood says:

    Wow, I am so envious of this. I can hardly get 20 minutes to myself to sew these days. How do you even find something like this. It sounds like a great time with great people.

  4. Ann says:

    What a wonderful time for you all. What is the name of the absolutely stunning medallion quilt in your musings. Is there a pattern? I feel another quilt coming on, I know another to go on my list!!!!! I still have Mrs Billings to do. Happy stitching Ann.

  5. It sounds like a grand time out. I think the laughter does everybody good.

  6. Suz says:

    Mmmmm! Madness indeed! That would probably wipe me out for the rest of the week! Lots of pretties to look at though!

  7. Glenda says:

    A fab time lots of inspiration chat and catching up !
    1st time I’ve lasted the 12 hours !!!! Well worth it!
    Relaxed today with a movie , oh and a little bit more sewing!!!!!

  8. Pip says:

    I can only dream of 12 hours of mainly uninterrupted sewing, everyone certainly made good progress. I bet you ended up going to sleep in front of the tv 🙂

  9. Anne says:

    Is that a Cath Kidston bag? I have a similar one!! I see you have a comment from Lucie the Happy Quilter ……. weather permitting (more snow forecast!) I shall be meeting up with her on Wednesday at Anne’s shop – she has long-arm quilted several of the samples that I made for Anne.
    Lots of lovely, luscious projects!

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