I can’t stand it…..

….so I’m making a second list! Yes, a second list. There are sooooo many more projects I want to tackle this year. So…

1. My new appliqué quilt – Auntie Green’s Garden
2. My long appliqué – I know which one I mean. Keep an eye out for pics soon.
3. A Liberty quilt – now that’s got you guessing hasn’t it?!
4. x and + quilt . It keeps calling me!
5. As does fusion blanket crochet
6. Summerville quilt – again, I know what I mean
7. Dear Jane – she really needs a rattle along
8. Wooly Bits Club – how did I forgot this on the first list!
9. Steam Punk by Jen Kingwell. Since buying this pattern, it keeps staring at me!
10. I see these everywhere now and I WANNA MAKE ONE!

Indulge me!

Happy stitching

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11 Responses to I can’t stand it…..

  1. Suz says:

    Oh dear! Another 10! I think you need to stop making lists and start making!

  2. Helen F says:

    Hey M, I am just going to keep plodding along trying to finish my ufo’s – which is quite an extensive list in itself – embroided quilt, star quilt, kaffe quilt, kite quilt etc – not to mention the hand quilting for this winter – I think I counted around 5 at this stage…………and the list keeps growing!!!!!

  3. Sheila says:

    there are a few similarities between your list and mine…namely DJ and Auntie Green and your last item called and i answered. I began the scrappy trip around the world 3 days ago, i have cut 216 strips for 36 and have pieced 9 blocks already.. some of the fabrics have been in the stash more than 20 years

  4. pinnewood says:

    I love your lists, I daren’t put mine on paper as I think the page would not be large enough. LOL

  5. jenni says:

    WOW two lists for one year. Do I understand. You can really do all this.
    Best of luck

  6. Leigh says:

    Oh Meredithe….Steam Punk is calling me also and I am 13 blocks into the scrappy trip around the world. I warn you..those blocks are VERY addictive ! Other than that, it is UFO’s for me. Hope to cross paths with you soon.

  7. Anne says:

    I shouldn’t have looked at the fusion blanket crochet link – I am very tempted, as it would also use up some of my yarn stash ……..
    A bit of snow this morning – I hope it doesn’t get any worse, as tonight is Abbey Quilters’ monthly meeting, and I don’t want to miss it!

  8. Hahaha I was feeling very guilty about going off-list with a craft project this weekend and now am incredibly amused that you’ve not only gone off-list, you’ve made a whole new list! Glad I’m not the only one who can’t stick to ten things 🙂

  9. Ann says:

    Oh Meredithe, the more you put on your lists the longer mine gets!! If only there were more hours in the day and I could go without sleep, I would get so much more done. A

  10. You need to multiply but I don’t think B could handle it !!!

    Louise Sent from my iPhone

  11. Pip says:

    After I had made my list and posted it, I realised I had forgotten a few things and thought that I should start a second list as well or maybe “The List Part II”. I’ve seen a few of number 10 around the place and have had thoughts about it, but maybe I’ll leave that till next year after I have finished somethings off my list.

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