Walking With Butterflies

It’s hot!

The overnight “low” was 23 degrees making sleep a fitful occupation. With the coming dawn, the chatter of magpies and the cooing of doves, and no chance of cooling the house further, it was time to close up the house. And as I was up, I decided to go for my walk early too.

As I rounded the corner at the end of our street and headed east, the sun was a vast, dark golden globe on the horizon. Walking in long shadows, I could feel the cool oases where gardens grow trees and shrubs near the footpath. It was almost as if the trees and shrubs had absorbed the previous day’s heat and converted it to cool air. Where less plants were prevalent, the heat was already rising.

A flash of green at shoulder height that caught my eye was a lorikeet, and I followed its flight to a nearby bottle brush.

20130104-092112.jpg(think it was one of these).

There weren’t many people out and about, but plenty of birds were up early getting their breakfasts before finding shelter for the day. My other companions were lots of butterflies that seemed to come from nowhere during many parts of my walk, choosing to dance along with me for a while before flitting off on their own adventures.


Hot, but happily filled with the wonder of Mother Nature, I arrived home, watered the garden, filled up the bird bath, then watered myself!

Today is the perfect day for washing and hanging out our winter blankets; the second one is in the washing machine as I write this. I shall brave the heat and get them on the line to dry in our expected 40 degree, hot north wind day, then hunker down under the fan.

Those in the know are warning of fire danger; I hope everyone remains safe and cool.

If you can,

Happy stitching!

Photos courtesy of Google Images

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6 Responses to Walking With Butterflies

  1. broderie says:

    You have summed the day up well Meredithe, hopefully we will get through these hot days without any bad news of fires ! Take care !

  2. Suz says:

    Love the rosellas! I got up early and walked, even had a quick dip in the (school) pool! Now to stay cool and sew!

  3. Cathy says:

    You are good go get out and about early! Yes, so hot I’m hanging out for the cool change. The firemen with be in my thoughts today. xo

  4. Pip says:

    I enjoyed reading that Meredithe. I usually get up early and walk as well, once the sun gets up a bit it is too hot. Like you I shall be hunkering down with the fan, doing a bit of stitching.

  5. Anne says:

    That is definitely too hot!! Our weather has turned very mild, which is good news for the heating bills, but as it is also cloudy the solar panels aren’t producing much electricity! I hope to finalise my list today, ready to post this evening ……

  6. Glenda cust says:

    Oh that’s a challenge I like !! Like u I’m an avid reader ! I was even a library monitor much to my boys embarrassement!!! I was a member of the secret 7 club at school!!!!
    I’m reading miss Fischer also at the moment !
    I’m reading on my kindle and loving it !! Xxc

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