Happy Stitching

I really like this time of year, that space between Christmas, New Year, and the “going back to work”. Everyone seems relaxed after the Christmas rush, content to go with the flow, meals are unhurried (if a trifle repetitious – what? ham again?!), there’s no alarm clock, no routine, and for we Melbournites, the weather the last few days has just been glorious….

20130101-121819.jpg…as you can see, blue skies and sunshine, a gentle if any breeze, temperatures in the mid twenties, and the bonus of cool nights for sleeping!…….this is my idea of Summer!

To make it even better, I’ve had several invites to stitching afternoons! With delicious Christmas baking…

20130101-122437.jpg…and the festive season still visible…




20130101-122647.jpg…it’s been so relaxing to sit and stitch, or watch a movie (The Sapphires – great movie!!), with my lovely friends.

One afternoon at Mrs Mac’s, while the big girls were stitching…

20130101-122855.jpg(Lyn has started Mrs Billings!)…

20130101-122953.jpg(Kaye’s Peacocks)…

….a little girl opened a Christmas gift and “blinged” a photo frame…

20130101-123140.jpg…well, two corners anyway before some cousins came to play!

And, of course, Mrs Christmas herself, now has Christmas pegs to assist with her sewing!

On another visit, Glenda also still had some Christmas fare – her guests felt it was too lovely to eat….

20130101-123430.jpg…and I have to agree!! Mind you, we didn’t go hungry while watching The Sapphires!!

Glenda’s home is filled with her creativity…


20130101-123619.jpg…and I love this little homage to sewing….

20130101-123719.jpg…which holds so many precious items, including gifts from friends….

20130101-123814.jpg….a thimble belonging to Glenda’s mum, and a tape measure from her grandmother…

I hope you’ve been able to relax and enjoy this precious time before 2013 gets underway.

Happy stitching

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4 Responses to Happy Stitching

  1. Suz says:

    Yes, it is a relaxed time, isn’t it! (except for someone hassling me about my list of ufos! LOL!) The streets around here are deserted! Heaven! I have a little sewing machine like Glenda’s blue one!

  2. pinnewood says:

    Thanks for the lovely post, it is a relaxing time. No routine. I love the Mrs Billings block and the collection of treasured sewing items.

  3. Maria do Carmo says:

    Lindo post,obrigada.Feliz Ano Novo!!!Feliz Ano Todo!!!

  4. Marina says:

    I think summer in Australia is always beautiful and relaxed. The holiday season especially so. Your photos are gorgeous. I am about half way through Mrs Billings in shades of pinks, reds, browns and blacks. A few more fiddly borders to go 🙂 Have a happy new year.

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