From the Deep, Dark Recesses….

I ventured into That Room the other day and……. Pardon? What room? Oh, that’s right! I haven’t told you about That Room yet have I? Hmmm….well can we keep this just between us? Don’t tell anybody, particularly not Anne, ok?

Anne and her husband, Malcolm, came Down Under for a visit a few months ago and Anne spent a day with us sewing, at my home. Our Sitting Room, where I “entertain”(!) is directly opposite the erstwhile Dining Room, which is now my Sewing Room. There are no doors on these rooms, just wide openings with a good view from one to the other. Now normally I don’t mind my friends seeing my Sewing Room, but Anne was (at that stage) a “visitor”, and I couldn’t possibly have her see the mess disarray chaos slight disorder in there. So, I moved all the fabric filled plastic bags, and project filled fabric bags, and extraneous paraphernalia into the bedroom next door – which does have a shut-able door! – that the Kettles use when they come to stay. Needless to say the Kettles haven’t been down to stay for quite some time!

Since Anne’s visit, I’ve ventured in a couple of times, taken one look and backed out again!! But I took my life in my hands last week and started sorting out the pile of quilts on the bed. Those that are finished have been laid out on the bed on top of each other (whoever next comes to stay will be very warm!!), and in the course of this sorting came across tops that need borders, tops that need basting/quilting and quilts that need binding. What? Only binding to be done? Thankfully there have been some cool days and cooler nights this last week making binding a do-able task. Like to see? The first is Brompton Road which you may recognise as the same pattern Jill made in class….

20121222-151133.jpg…in the gloom of an overcast day, I was sure this binding fabric was brown and red! Never mind….

20121222-151254.jpg…then, from many years ago when I was trying out the Victorian Textiles 60 degree ruler, St. Tropez as it reminds me of beach umbrellas…

20121222-151424.jpg…just love this binding….

20121222-151600.jpg…and the last one doesn’t have a name, poor thing, but was made from a charm pack…

20121222-151825.jpg…I have a bit of a thing about spots, so it was only appropriate that a scrappy spot binding made it to this quilt…

So with thanks to Miss Magpie for the quilting, I can now add 3 more to the finished quilts…..

20121222-152157.jpg(ooh, I like the reflections!)….just scraping them in for 2012!

Happy stitching

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9 Responses to From the Deep, Dark Recesses….

  1. Helen F says:

    Fantastic “3” finished!!! I keep walking in and out of my deep, dark hole thinking I should get cracking – but, but maybe later!!! Although I did drag out 4 tops and their backings to be basted!

  2. Suz says:

    These guests will now be even warmer! (Just not today!) Congrats on three finishes! I love Brompton Rd with its feathery black feature fabric! I’ve also just used spots to bind a quilt!

  3. Fiona Lazenby says:

    Did you have to tie a rope around your waist so that if you got stuck or lost in “That Room” B could pull you out ? lol

  4. patchworkrose says:

    Just love Brompton Road. It is a gorgeous quilt

  5. says:

    Inspirational!! I’ve got tops finished yet to be quilted’ !
    Love love the feather fabric!is it still available ?
    Decided on my summer quilt project!…….
    Love gxx

  6. Anne says:

    Oh, what a bad naughty girl, hiding all that (my sister once put her ironing basket in the boot of her car, so visitors wouldn’t see it!)!! Never mind, Malcolm now thinks maybe I’m not so bad after all!! On Friday I had to remove …… the Birdie Border Quilt, the Row Quilt, the baby quilt and toddler quilt for Alison’s niece and nephew, and my first ever quilt, a log cabin quilt made with curtain fabrics, from the guest bed, so that Stuart and Alison could have somewhere to sleep ….. I also used to have a double ber quilt I made for my Mum and a lap quilt I made for Malcolm’s Mum on the bed, but they are now on chairs in the guest bedroom!
    Your quilts are fabulous, and I love your bindings.
    I am in the final stages of a plan of action for “the year of using it up” ….. I won’t mention the calico I bought on Friday!!

  7. Ann says:

    How wonderful to get three quilts finished. Think this might be my New Years resolution!!! However I can’t help starting new projects. Have just finished my first block of Sunburst using your templates and the French General fabric. Oh well, another to add to my list to Finnish !!!

  8. Pip says:

    I’m glad that I am not the only person that hides things by relocating them to another room 🙂
    Love the Brompton Rd quilt too, especially the feathery/plumy fabric, gorgeous. I’m trying to squeeze another finish in before end of year, I think I will make it. I still have to finalize my Working List for next year too.

  9. Michelle says:

    I think that everyone needs a room or two that they can close off. 🙂

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