Class Show and Tell

Just a brief show and tell this time; most of the students were ploughing on with the projects that you’ve seen. Josephine did get a couple of corners made for the next Mrs Billings border…

20121207-120510.jpg…and we had a lovely visit from Val, who joined us briefly earlier in the year, with the quilt she was working on all finished – just in time for Christmas!

My show and tell is the first vase of my hydrangeas…

20121207-120747.jpgthought I’d get them inside before tomorrow’s 37 degree, hot north wind day…

20121207-120839.jpg…I just love them; such a beautiful shade of pink and the white ones sometimes have just that hint of pink at the edge of the petals…

20121207-120956.jpg…sorry, going into overload here, but I do just love them. Each time I’ve come into the family room today (and it’s been a lot!) they give my heart a lift and put a smile on my face! And they do look perfect in my white jug!!

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to comment on the “Give Away” post for your chance to win a set of new templates.

Happy stitching

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4 Responses to Class Show and Tell

  1. Ann Ireland says:

    Meredithe, Your flowers look lovely (especially on that quilt). The colours are so soft and pretty.

  2. helen f says:

    i bet mrs mac wld like thd xnas quilt!! m your hydrangeas are spectacular!!!!

  3. Susan Vicary says:

    Hydrangeas are mt favorite flower! They are gorgeous! I’ve been quilting for decades but am new to EPP and using templates..thank you for a chance to win

  4. Anne says:

    Val’s quilt is fabulous! The hydrangeas are gorgeous – just what I need to cheer up a horrible day!!

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