Class Show and Tell

This term, and indeed this year, is drawing to a close, but already some of the students are thinking about next year. Marilyn has chosen Robin’s Nest for her next project to start in 2013. She already had some fabrics…

20121129-154717.jpg…and between us we chose a few more!

Gloria is still “circling” – love the colours in this one…

Josephine is progressing well with her Mrs Billings…

20121129-155529.jpg…and we had a play with some fabrics for the corners of one of the next borders…

20121129-155632.jpg…and Jill made a start on her Amish quilt.

Happy stitching

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2 Responses to Class Show and Tell

  1. Pip says:

    I too am thinking about next year, wondering whether to just try and use my stash for making quilts (except backings, batting and binding fabrics) which of course gives me an excuse to buy a few more fabrics between now and year’s end 🙂

    I love that use of the Metropolitan Fair fabric for the border and all the blue and brown fabrics, very enticing indeed.

  2. Anne says:

    You showed that Mrs Billings again ….. she is calling to me!! In one of those little coincidences, I got out my Amish wallhanging to do some handquilting on this afternoon at patch’n’chat ….. I haven’t done any proper handquilting for months!

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