And Phew again! Well that’s the Australian Quilt Market over for another year! Did you miss me? I feel like I’ve been away for weeks, but it’s only been 4 days. For 3 days over the weekend I was ensconced in a world of quilt shop and long arm machine owners, fabrics, haberdashery, quilts, samples, patterns, stitcheries…….everything we love about our quilting world! Really early starts and late finishes (nice dinners tho’!). Yesterday I gave myself the day off – it was incredibly busy at AQM – and indulged in a jammy day….in my pj’s All Day, floobing all over the couch, (I know floobing is not a real word but it best describes the state of mind and body yesterday!), caught up on the weekend’s evening tv which I’d taped……very relaxing!

But this morning it was up and at ’em, early rising for gym, despite the fact that I’d been awake half the night because of massive thunder storms. About 9ish this morning, it became very dark, Thor again made his presence known, lightening flashed and the heavens opened. I think we’re going out in sympathy with the UK!

It was great to have the chance to catch up with friends old and new in our industry and help them out with buying gorgeous stuff that will be making its way to your local store during the early part of 2013. Ooh, that’s a scary number, isn’t it? It’s not that far away!

Sorry, no photos from Market – not enough time to take any! – but I did make a garden discovery on Thursday…

20121127-144206.jpg…our first, and so far only sweet pea flower, which, sadly, is no longer due to all this rain.

And a parcel arrived on Friday which I’ve only just opened…..

20121127-144406.jpg…..delicious fabrics from the latest Material Obsession Fabric Club. Loving these fabrics!!

Hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend.

Happy stitching

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7 Responses to Phew!!

  1. Suz says:

    What about that rain! It was like living in the tropics! Lovely fabric- lots of variety there!

  2. Helen F says:

    Hey M I can’t reply instantaneous any more as it still does not work from you know where. How exciting your sweet peas are flowering and how typical of our weather to wreck them!!!! Glad you had a good time at the show – looking forward to hearing all about it! Nice fabrics!!!!

  3. Anne says:

    I wondered where you had gone! I could fancy a day just floobing!! Although it’s raining again here, we have avoided the worst of the weather ….. and fortunately we live at the top of a hill, well away from the river in the valley which floods regularly. Love the new fabrics.

  4. Miss E says:

    I would also love a PJ day – especially if it was raining outside! It’s nice to read your musings – like a breath of fresh air.

  5. After such a busy weekend you deserved a self care day. Having days like that keeps you healthy. I think the word you were looking for is lollop To loll or lounge around
    Love the fabrics. I have two of them !!!

  6. thimbleanna says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time at quilt market. Your new fabrics are pretty too — have you worked them into a plan yet?

  7. Pip says:

    We had the rain (very intense but it didn’t last for long) and the thunder which went on and on 😦
    what a shame about the sweet pea, it looks so pretty, hope you get some more come out. I got those fabrics too, it’s just like Christmas every month.

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