Saturday Sewing at Essendon

Saturday morning saw Kaye and I heading west to Patchwork of Essendon for our class with Robyn Falloon.

Jacquie had her lovely rose sewing basket with her…

20121118-142138.jpg…her appliqué block finished…

20121118-142224.jpg…and the pieced blocks made…

Kaye brought along a sweet embroidery piece that she picked up from Mary Koval at the recent exhibition at Quilts in the Barn

20121118-142602.jpg…and has finished the Miss Marple Mystery Quilt top…

20121118-142756.jpg…stunning colours, don’t you think?! Love it!

RobynFromTheCountry had a BIG Ta-Da for us, with her nearly complete – just needs the binding – Griswold Quilt. Here’s just a portion showing her beautiful workmanship and the fabulous quilting. It’s actually too big to photograph and do it justice. Suffice to say, it’s magnificent!…

20121118-142944.jpgCarolyn finished making her whole circles in class for this quilt…

20121118-143647.jpg…and here’s the next border…


Bonnie almost has her quilt centre together…


Robyn had some show and tell too, this gorgeous antique pomegranate quilt…swoon!….

20121118-143845.jpgMost of the blocks have been made with solids…

20121118-143946.jpg…but this one has a print in it…

20121118-144035.jpg…which appears to be the same fabric as the sawtooth border…

20121118-144126.jpg…don’t you love the way the sawtooth borders just…….stop?! The hand quilting was so small and dense, and appeared to continue into the binding, until we decided that the maker had just rolled the fabric over after quilting to create the binding. I just love looking at old quilts and wondering at the women who made them, what they were thinking at the time, how and why they constructed as they did……. Fascinating!!

Happy stitching


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4 Responses to Saturday Sewing at Essendon

  1. Anne says:

    Oh my – I don’t know where to start, it is all so fabulous! The applique, the embroidery, Miss Marple and then GRISWOLD …… did you ever see the Scottish comedy act The Krankies? They described things as fandabbidozey (not sure about the spelling) and even better, fandabbi-double-dozey ……. I think Griswold merits a quadruple dozey!!! (hope you understood that!!)
    Wet and windy this morning, after a lovely frosty day yesterday!

  2. Helen F says:

    absolutely stunning show and tell!!! I agree with ann, Robyn from the country’s griswold is fandabbidozey!!!!! It must be spectacular when you can actually see and feel it!!!

  3. Debbie says:

    Hi Meredith, Love the work you girls get done down there in Melbourne. Kaye’s Miss Marple is fabulous. How is yours progressing? And as for Robyn From The Country’s Griswold, words are simply not available to describe that, so I think that I will agree with fandabbidozey! I also absolutely love Bonnie’s quilt centre. Whose design is it and what is it called and is there a pattern available for those of us who live in Newcastle in stead of Melbourne??!

  4. njquilter24 says:

    OMG what beautiful quilts and wips
    that first applique block is beautiful
    Robyn’s Griswold quilt is amazing, just amazing.
    Kayes quilt is beautiful, love those colors your right! perfect!
    oh all the projects are great and LOVE that pomegranate quilt
    thanks for sharing your day with us

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