In The Garden

Spent this morning in the garden. (I ask again, why did God create weeds??!?). It’s such a lovely Spring day; blue skies, gentle breeze, warm sunshine…… Sigh, just what Spring should be and a welcome change from the cold and overcast of late.

The broallia(?) is in full bloom…

20121114-140644.jpg….as is the fuchsia

20121114-140822.jpg…and the Sweet William…

20121114-140904.jpg…and it won’t be long ’til the hydrangeas are flowering…

This is what I see from the small kitchen window…

20121114-141157.jpg…and the bees are swarming and buzzing merrily all around this bottle brush, feasting on the nectar.

The carpet rose is excelling itself…

20121114-141347.jpgDid you see the bee?

20121114-141523.jpgAnd the sweet peas are growing, growing, growing….

Off to finish something……check in tomorrow to see what!

Happy stitching

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2 Responses to In The Garden

  1. Helen F says:

    Yes its great weather to be out in the garden – I spent all Saturday & Sunday in mine!!!! flowers looking lovely M!!

  2. Your garden is feeling your love !!!!

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