Peep, Peep, Posties’s Been!

Postie has been to this house with parcels, not those horrible window faced envelope jobs which get flicked straight to B! Who wants to deal with bills when there’s niceness in the mail!

Another month has rolled around and the next instalment from…


….has arrived. Mind you I haven’t done last month’s yet. Maybe that would be a good weekend project for this weekend. Hmmmm!

Lets unwrap it together………


….a change of season, I see. And the fabrics you ask?


Oops, it’s a tilt your head job – can’t get it to turn!

I’ve also decided to join the Material Obsession fabric club. There are three to choose from and I’m going for the Contemporary club. First posting has arrived…(look away Helen!!)…

Three of these fabrics are already spoken for and are safely tucked away in the Gladioli Tin!! That’s got you wondering, hasn’t it! You’ll have to wait……!!

Do you partake in a fabric club? Which sort of fabrics do you like to receive as a “surprise”?

Happy stitching

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7 Responses to Peep, Peep, Posties’s Been!

  1. Ann says:

    Hi Meredith, my iPad wouldn’t open your first few photos, but the MO photo was OK. I don’t know if it is my iPad or not. I don’t usually have any problems with your musings. By the way my Star a Week has gone by the board, we just spent 6 weeks away in Canada and the USA having a wonderful time. I did cover 400 hexagons on the trip, so it wasn’t a totally lost cause stitching wise.

  2. Ann says:

    Me again, I meant to say I belong to Somerset’s Civil War fabric club and I am also a member of a fat quarter swap that I joined 10 years ago, which is a lot of fun.

  3. Suz says:

    No matter where I open this post I can only see the last photo too! The fabrics I can see are great! I think there might be a piece of Philip Jacobs Lacy there! I’m making myself a blouse from that soon! Very nice!

  4. Pip says:

    same here, I can only see the last photo too. I get my monthly fix from Material Obsession also the Contemporary Club is the one I belong too, although I have been eyeing off the Reproduction fabrics as well, and I also belong to Wooly Bits from The Quilted Crow girls, no plans for either fabrics yet, I just hoard them 🙂

  5. Ali Fergusson says:

    Hi Meredithe
    I am in love with all things Amitie – receive their bi-monthly modern selection. Doing their current BOM too !
    Best wishes from Ali Fergusson

  6. Helen F says:

    Hey M – I have the same problem too – first 3 photos “ZILCH” but it had to open on the “BIRD” fabric didn’t it!!!!! Thankfully I am not a member of any fabric club – that would really do my head in!!!

  7. Anne says:

    I couldn’t see the first photos yesterday (Friday), but when I tried again today, it was fine! All I can say is yum, yum, yum!!

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