Not Class Show and Tell!

It’s been a bit of a disaster day, a Murphy’s Law day (where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!), a touch anything and it all goes to pot type day.

Started this morning when, while breakfasting, I thought I’d clean up some of the unused photos on the blog (doing the right thing, bit of housekeeping), and I merrily deleted all “unallocated” photos…….which included my header!! Some of you may have noticed during the day that the header had transmogrified into a sunset. Pretty but not what I wanted. Too late this morning to do anything about it, so, cursing myself roundly, I readied myself for the morning’s teaching at the shop. Out to the car and using the little car today as B needed the big car for his Dad, only to find…..No Petrol!!! One of my greatest fears is to run out of petrol in the middle of a busy road! So off to get petrol and scurry to the shop. B is in for a serve when he gets home tonight! He last used the little car, so should have replenished the tank. Grrrrrr!!

Then I forgot the camera, again!, so that’s why it’s Not Class Show and Tell!! I have some of my own show and tell for you instead. I shan’t regale you with the remaining litany of problems Murphy’s cascaded onto my head today, let’s just say I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend!!

Here’s the show and tell. Ma Kettle has cleaned out her pantry and asked if I’d like the following. As they’re appearing here, you can guess my reply!

Cute jars…

20121108-171754.jpg…only one seen here, but there are two.

This was my Nanna’s teapot, which I think will become my breakfast teapot…..

20121108-171947.jpg….and this was Gran’s milk jug…

20121108-172130.jpg…inside which was a little egg cup!

You can see how small the milk jug is. So cute!

On our road trip on Tuesday, we saw this unusual vase…

20121108-172409.jpg…and of course, had to have it.


Karen has some fabulous new fabrics in the shop. The range is called Retro Geo, by Paula Barnes

20121108-173037.jpg….and, apart from the spots, these two are my favourites

Photo’s not that good, they’re more orange than you can see here. Just gorgeous!

Happy stitching

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4 Responses to Not Class Show and Tell!

  1. Suz says:

    Love the little milk jug! The fabrics are gorgeous too! (And sometimes its probably better to not even get out of bed! )

  2. Anne says:

    I love all your new treasures – especially the teapot. The fabrics are fabulous ….. oh dear, it is going to be very hard to stick to my “using it up” resolution for next year ……. maybe I should stock up now???
    I leave my camera beside the front door, so that I have to pass it when I go out, and remember to put it in my bag.

  3. Helen F says:

    I new you bought something on Tuesdays roadtrip!!!!! Noice! I just luv nannas milk jug and her Ima. I do luv my new fabrics!!!!

  4. Helen F says:

    ps nice to see you are watching the re runs of “red warf”!!!!!

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