Day 7 – Saturday Sewing

Another lovely stitching day on Saturday, with the added bonus of checking out some of the buys from Friday’s trip to Quilts in the Barn!

Kaye’s clam shells, which are growing very nicely!

Sonia’s latest applique, in red and green – gorgeous!

Louise’s Star-a-Week (we won’t say anything more about how this project isn’t is progressing at p and c!)

Glenda’s finds at Quilts in the Barn, from Mary’s stand – so sweet!

and Andrea’s purchase from Mary

which she’s going to add to with these repro fabrics, also purchased from Mary

Green as, I am – wish I’d seen this one!!  Soooo looking forward to seeing what Andrea does with them!

Another day of fabulous friends, fun, food, and feasting for the eyes, body and soul!

Happy stitching


PS Special thanks to Louise for the use of her phone/camera for the above pics.  Out on the hunt for a new camera this week.  Fingers crossed!!

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5 Responses to Day 7 – Saturday Sewing

  1. Helen F says:

    Why is it we never ever get sick of getting together to stitch????

  2. says:

    Because you are all gorgeous positive creative women !
    I feel blessed to know you all !!

  3. I love all those patterns of the clam shells!

  4. Anne says:

    Have fun looking for a new camera! I have had a great time in the studio over the weekend – but it’s back to reality tomorrow, with and enormous pile of ironing!!

  5. thimbleanna says:

    I always love your posts seeing everyone’s progress. I’ve started a few stars but I’m just now noticing yours are 8 points and mine are only 6. Hmmmm.

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