Day 6 – Red and White Brilliance

Had a fabulous day yesterday out at Linda’s for the Quilts in the Barn, Red and White Exhibition. Amazing quilts, great shopping, delicious food, and friends, friends and more lovely friends!!

There were big quilts, little quilts, mini quilts, antique quilts, new quilts……. Here’s a little of what we saw::












This quilt is from the hands of the extremely talented Fiona Lindsay, an original design, all hand done, visually stunning and it won my vote for viewers choice.

A close second is this one from my friend RobynFromTheCountry.

Sorry I couldn’t get a full photo, but there were too many visitors admiring it!

Lots of yumminess from The Quilted Crow girls


Morning tea outside with pretty flowers and a lovely bag made by the very clever Maree (which I coveted badly – it matched my shirt perfectly!)

It was lovely to see and catch up with so many people that I knew, all visiting this excellent exhibition and sharing in the day!

Then it was back to Mrs Mac’s for an afternoon’s sewing and a visit from Miss S who brought some cup cakes she’d made for her father’s birthday (he barracks for a football team whose colours are black, red and white – nearly in keeping with the day’s theme!!).

Isn’t she clever?!

Hope, if you’re nearby, you get a chance to visit Quilts in the Barn!

Happy stitching

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6 Responses to Day 6 – Red and White Brilliance

  1. Perfect colours – add in a Swan and she should take the exhibition to Sydney this week and the Western Oval next week !!

  2. Helen F says:

    Where is your show and tell from our day out????? What a great day out, and truly appreciate the blood and sweat Linda puts in to the organising of it all – amazing!!!!!

  3. Carole says:

    Thanks for sharing your pics – can’t wait to check it out for myself tomorrow.

  4. Sue says:

    Looks like it has been a very successful show . Hope Linda has made lots of money for the charity.
    Lovely, lovely quilts.

  5. Anne says:

    It all looks fabulous – and I agree with your pick for the viewers choice!! I had a great afternoon in the studio, with the stove keeping me warm ……

  6. Louise says:

    The quilts are so beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing the show today. It was lovely to see you on Wednesday.

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