Marvellous Mother Nature

Checked out my plantlings the other day – very pleased with their progress! – but was amazed to see the sweet peas…..

…not the best photo, for which I apologise, but how do they know there’s a climbing frame there to wrap their little tendrils around? They don’t have eyes, so how can they know? It just make me marvel!!

Mixed bunch of ranunculus this week…

…these flowers make me so happy! Particularly after the sullen grey skies we’ve had all week – bit of cheeriness amid the gloom!!

I don’t think I showed you the photo of the polygalas I bought amongst the plantlings the other week. They come in a dwarf variety called “little charmer”, and I thought they were!

….there are 2, now in pots, either side of the back door. Something else to bring a smile to my face.

And what could this pic mean?……

It’s template time!! Just picked up the prototypes and will start trialling them. There may be a sneak peek in a while…..just maybe!!

Happy stitching

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One Response to Marvellous Mother Nature

  1. Helen F says:

    M I just luv sweet peas – they have such a lovely fragrance!Can’t wait to see the finished samples of your new templates – you are sooo clever. Bit gloomy today our friend is leaving tomorrow!!!!

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