Saturday Sewing

How spoilt are we?! We had another lovely sewing day yesterday, and for a special reason.

On the pretext of a “sewing get together”, our Miss Helen arranged for Marian and Lois to visit her place. However, it was really to help Marian celebrate an up coming “big” birthday with a surprise party. And she was surprised! Always a fun time when the recipient is surprised.

There was lots of show and tell, lovely lunch, delicious birthday cake and afternoon tea, as well as some stitching and crochet. Want to see? Here we go::








Can you believe how tiny these pinwheels are? Marian made this quilt as part of the monthly quilt making with Kathleen Tracy . That’s a $2.00 coin which is the size of one pinwheel!


Marian even made a little pillow to go with the little quilt – how cute!


We had such a lovely day. More tomorrow!

Happy stitching.


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3 Responses to Saturday Sewing

  1. marian says:

    OH and what a perfectly LOVELY surprise it was too!! i was totally oblivious..clueless LOL!! THANKS ssooooo MUCH for a perfect day!!! big hugs…Marian xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Helen F says:

    It was the “BEST” day!!!!!! I just luuuvvv it when we all get together – did you hear the noise level when we were all talking at once!!!! “FANTASTIC”!!!!!

  3. Anne says:

    Nine more sleeps until we leave!!

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