Saturday Sewing

It’s getting on in the week, and I still haven’t caught you up on last weekend!

Over a beautiful afternoon tea prepared by Kaye,

and with Kaye sipping from her “Miss Fisher” teacup!  (same set as used by said Phyrne Fisher and co. in the TV series – well spotted Kaye!),

we stitched and chatted:

oohed and aahed over a finished quilt top

and a finished quilt,

envied Miss S’s purchase from a recent trip to visit family in the UK – such a cute little box!

to store Miss S’s sewing treasures,

admired this little sweetie that Helen purchased at the Show,

and laughed that Kaye’s recent “antique find”,

– in such good nick and seriously coveted by moi! – is actually the sister to Helen’s sewing box from her school days!

We shall say no more!!

Happy stitching


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4 Responses to Saturday Sewing

  1. Helen F says:

    That was the best Saturday!!!! Good friends, good food and good WINE!!!!!

  2. Louise says:

    Matching sewing baskets, — if only they could talk !!!!

  3. Anne says:

    Helen said wine …… now that sounds like my kind of get together!!
    Lovely work as always!

  4. Gee, maybe the sewing baskets could be converted to wine baskets…what do you think? 😉

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