Warrandyte Wanderings Pickup

A little while ago, Kaye and I ventured out to Warrandyte, ostensibly to get fabric for Kaye, but she led me astray and we went to an antiques store too.  (I’ve said it before – never go antiquing with Kaye!  You’ll only get into trouble!!)

We had to go out on Sunday to pick up our little bits and pieces…….

This ginger jar caught my eye…..

and I just love the little bird….

I went a little overboard with the tins….. (sigh!)

Has to be Italy! with these scenes on the sides

A partner to my Nanna’s Clematis tin

(all the toffee’s were gone!!) with these twists on the side

And finally this absolutely gorgeous hollyhock’s tin in just my shade of blue

with more on each side!

Pretty, huh??

And while we’re on the subject of flowers……. here’s this week’s beautiful roses.

Happy stitching


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3 Responses to Warrandyte Wanderings Pickup

  1. Helen F says:

    The ginger jar is gorgeous even with the bird!!!! Nice selection of tins M. What did our Kaye buy??? no photos!!!! hope you two nightmares had a wonderful time up there!!!!!

  2. Glendacust@gmail.com says:

    The tins are gorgeous !! A new project in each of them??!!!!

  3. Janine Gunn says:

    Love the Hollyhocks. They are my fav’s xx

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