Sewing Angst Decided

Well, sort of decided.  Decided by default actually.  I was checking my diary – it’s class at Patchwork of Essendon this weekend and I really need to have Something to show or I may be banned from class!! (Not really!).

At our last class Robyn had drafted a new quilt based on a very old one she’d seen on a recent trip to the USA.

It involves peacocks and the instructions she’s given advise marking out and embroidering, of all things!, certain aspects of the peacocks.  Me and embroidery don’t go terribly well together; I can do the basics and after an afternoon of horribly frustrating following instruction books, unpicking, choosing another pattern, following instructions, unpicking, chucking in corner in disgust……….. it was back to the basics!

So this is my peacock, purple instead of blue, with appliqued wing as a satin stitched one just was Not going to work

and neither were satin stitched circles, so they’re just outlined in stem stitch

using a variegated thread from Cottage Garden Threads (Penstemon 911), which have turned out quite well, me thinks.  I used a gammy form of a cross between blanket stitch and fly stitch around the wing in the same thread….. I guess it’s a slanted blanket stitch, kinda…!

I then used Cosmo Thread 322 for the lines between the circles and his beak

and finished with DMC 310 for his eye – nothing like being a thread tart!!

Simple, easy, and I’m happy with the effect!  One down, and only 21 to go… Big Sigh!

Happy stitching


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2 Responses to Sewing Angst Decided

  1. Bonnie says:

    Emboridery stitches were developed using your method. I think you’re “creative”. The individuality is what makes it “your quilt”. I can’t wait to see the finished blocks.

  2. Love the colours of the peacock. Enjoy your class on the weekend. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilted billings.. Love L

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