Sewing This Week

Sewing was at mine this week (good thing I’d cleaned up the sewing room and bought those lovely tulip!), and we had some extra visitors too.  Glenda and Janine came with cake and show and tell – what more could you ask for from guests!!

Janine had with her, her grandmother’s knitting bag,

in which Janine now keeps her crocheting.

Isn’t the lining of this bag just gorgeous?!  And what is Janine crocheting, you ask?

these tiny, beautiful granny squares – which are so NOT granny!!

Yummy, huh?  Janine is working on a block of the month from Amitie

and had this stunning Dahlia Quilt for more show and tell,

which has this rich, sumptuous backing.

Glenda had brought along lots of show and tell too….. how wonderful!

This, from a Judy Newman pattern, Museum Medallion,

which has a next border of this (I just love the floral border fabric!).

This applique one,

which will now have a border of this

which sets off the blocks so well.

And being a Gadget Girl Extraordinaire, Glenda has these very cute scissors!

and this very gorgeous bag from Vera Bradley

which opens out with a number of pockets and pouches and just “magnetises” back together.

We dined on my Anzac biscuits,

and Orange and Pumpkin cake,

and a rather delicious raspberry cake courtesy of Janine

with numerous cups of tea, lots of laughter and chat, and even a little stitching!  A lovely, relaxing afternoon.  Thanks girls!

Happy stitching


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2 Responses to Sewing This Week

  1. Anne says:

    Just catching up after a busy week. As always love all the fabulous work – I shall have to think of a very special project to start if I am going to have a sewing day with you!!

  2. What a great day,,,,,, Did you get your ANZAC recipe from Dot???
    I miss Dot,,,, I hope she is reading this …..

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