In the Garden

Took a break from stitching Beguiling Billings the other day, and between showers of rain, ventured into the garden for a quick peruse, some fresh air and soul soothing.

Delighted to find there are 5 spikes on my orchid!

Cold nights have ripened the fruit on the ladened lemon tree ….. they were green as green could be last week.  (Yes, Pa Kettle, I know it needs a feed – will try to do it soon!!)

The bottle brush is still showing off vivid red flowers; such a brilliant, happy colour against the grey skies of that Autumn day.

and the rain has helped keep the Impatients flowering; they’re such sweet little flowers, aren’t they?

There were still some things to pick too

(We may be having peppers with everything for quite some time!)

It’s a bit quiet here at p and c as good ole Larry has struck again (that’s my mate laryngitis!).  Think I must have had a bit of the druthers too as I couldn’t settle to stitching again.  Finally decided I had the gimme-getme’s  (a family saying for when you know you want something to eat, but not sure what will satisfy!).

After checking the panty, it was on with the oven and a quick mix of ingredients (thankfully all available – otherwise there may have been a major melt down!), and shortly thereafter…..

… I was diving into Anzac Biscuits, courtesy of Ma Kettle’s recipe.  They may not look pretty – who had time to place the mixture into neat piles, they were just dolloped onto the tray, I needed them and needed them NOW! – but boy, did they taste good!!  Sent some over to FatherInLaw, and B and I ate the rest.  Should I tell you they didn’t last 24 hours.  No, don’t think I’ll admit that!!

Thus fortified, it was back to stitching.  I have nearly half the required pieces made for the borders, and have chosen fabrics for most of the rest.  We’re getting there!

Happy stitching


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One Response to In the Garden

  1. Helen F says:

    Ha must be the time of year for ANZAC biscuits!!!! Can’t believe you are still getting stuff from your garden! C U tomorrow very excited!!!!!!!

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